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By kal_lmn ·
i have 2 hard drives one with ubuntu and the other with windows. i havnt used windows in a while, but on ubuntu 7.10 the internet works flawlwssly, and when i use windows, it never connects. i checked the ip, and windows sees it, and its the same as the one ubuntu sees. i tried renewing the ip, but it keeps failing. i also did the microsoft internet confiure test, and it told me to check the cables and turn on and off the modem for 3 mins so i did all that, and it still didnt work. any advice? oh, and just for info, i cant dual boot, so i switch between hard drives (the reason i never use windows as much) thanks in advance.

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Sounds like a missing or corrupt driver

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to XP internet

Go into the Computer Management in XP and look for any missing or nonworking pieces of Hardware.

If the hardware isn't working you should see a Yellow circle with a black ! through it. If the driver hasn't been installed the device will not be listed by name but you should see then in the Device Manager as Unrecognised Device or something similar with a Yellow Circle & Black ! beside it or them. Look firstly at whatever you connect to the modem with a USB or LAN port most likely but as you haven't listed the hardware it's not possible to say.


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by kal_lmn In reply to Sounds like a missing or ...

hi, i havnt checked if its missing or corrupt drivers. but i connect with ethernet cablethrough a LAN port integrated into my MotherBoard. all the connections ARE perfect, because my ubuntu connects easily. and one last question, if it is missing or corrupt drivers, how do i get them without internet?? should i download with ubuntu? and how do i know which drivers to download? im very sorry for the inconveniences, but i love both my windows and my ubuntu. thanks in advance once again, just please post where to find the drivers, and how i know which to download.

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RE Missing or Corrupt Drivers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to umm...

The drivers that are Missing or Corrupt are Windows Drivers So it is only Windows that is affected.

As for getting the drivers you need to use the M'Board Makers CD with the Drivers on them or the System Recovery CD from the System Maker.

If you don't have either you can download the drivers from the System Maker/M'Board Maker in Ubuntu and save them to a NTFS Partition to install when in Windows.

As you have made no mention of your hardware you either need to use the Makers Recovery CD or the M'Board Makers CD.

Don't worry about asking questions as that is what we are here for.


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