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XP - Its a good OS - don't knock it

By tek5555 ·
As a technician I service many windows computers onsite. The problems arrive when you connect to the net (basically a hard-to-regulate area). The MAIN problem I deal with, on a day to day basis, is the operator not knowing how to securely protect their computer from the internet nasties. The new XP OS is a very comprehensive and improved stable system that only needs some basic maintenance tasks associated with life on the net. Add antivirus + firewall + spyware remover + windows updates and keep away from dubious web sites. Then - keep these programs mentioned up to date and use them (on a daily basis) and you'll have very little problems. Neglect any of them and you'll have problems - simple as that. Many people will first blame the Windows OS rather than learn a few simple maintenance proceedures. The advantage of staying with Microsoft is: the OS has good support from a security viewpoint from a largely unsecure world wide web. Fix the web and the associated organised crime that florishes within it and many computer problems will disappear. regards mike

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Too Obvious

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to XP - Its a good OS - don' ...

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and then you come out with this.

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XP - Its a good OS?

by KrazyKyngeKorny In reply to XP - Its a good OS - don' ...

Actually, the XP core is OK, but...

As the MS engineers have always done, they installed "Gates", or back doors in XP (all windows have them) so they can make adjustments to your system while you are on the internet. These gates are the problem. Hackers see them as an invitation to do their own things to your system.

So, MS issues a patch that closes the current gates, and opens new ones. It takes a hacker with a "gate detector" program less than five minutes to locate the new gates, and attack your system.

Knock the OS? No. The problem is not Windows. It is MicroSoft.


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