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xp just can't start and cannot be formatted?

By soniality ·
my comp. got some errors like 135 registry prob and b4 that someone managed to help me to format my comp. but it got stuck for 4 hrs at stage 4 of 5 during the procedure? so i just restart my comp hopin to format it again. and i thot everything was fine but im wrong. i manage to get in the desktop but only once. now whenever i start up it just pop out a black screen indicating what "power failure like inproper shutdown" and leaving me choices to enter thru' safe mode or normal, etc.. i tried safe mode & normal & last gd configuration but it load halfway (at the xp blue bar loading) and it reboot itself leaving me back to that black screen again.. (i have tried MANY times) i wish to know wat/how to do abt it.. my comp. used to run fast but now the startup/loading is slow.. is there some cause? i have 2 hard drives..

can someone help?

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reply xp cannot be formatted

by Mongrel-dog In reply to xp just can't start and c ...

i too just had same problem,What i did was to use a program called WIPE,Wipe will erase everything off your hard drive and bring it up like a new hard drive,it wipes all errors,than reformat,this worked for me,My pc is now running as new,Wipe is an old program,but should be easy enough to find,Hopes it works as well for you as it did for me.Also try registry mechanic to fix your registry errors,

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by soniality In reply to reply xp cannot be format ...

hey thks.. but right now i cant load into desktop and it juz give me a black screen and auto reboot itself.. though i tried safe/normal/last gd configuration mode.. it will load to the win xp blue bar and restart itself again.. (din manage to load in desktop)

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about wipe program

by sunilnitte In reply to reply xp cannot be format ...

how to get this wipe there a site from where i can download this program.give me procedure.

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Boot from CD

by CharlieSpencer In reply to reply xp cannot be format ...

If you just want to reinstall XP, boot your computer from the XP CD and attempt to reinstall. As some point during the process, a screen will report that there is already an existing XP installation. At that point you can tell it to reinstall and to clear the existing partition.

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by soniality In reply to Boot from CD

yah i did try last nite.. it finish the whole process but i still got the same prob sometimes and now my comp. run slower think my comp kinda fussy with me mood swings..

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