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XP keep rebooting after windows update?

By royel111 ·
Windows won't boot after windows updates?

After install all new windows security updates on a couple of pc neither of pc boot. They keep rebooting itself after you see windows logo.

Any idea what's going on?

If you do a system repair you can access windows but it will do the same again after reboting pc.
Any virus is shuting down services at log on?
I try running the tools at symantec for the last 5 virus and it did not find any.

I know if i do a clean install it will do it but it won't help if i do the updates again.

Help me find a way to do it without a format hard drive please.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to XP keep rebooting after w ...

I suggest enabling the firewall BEFORE applying any updates to the computer. I may have got the Blaster or Sasser worms while it was connected to the internet before the updates applied!!

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to XP keep rebooting after w ...

Sometimes the Update will change a file neede at the start up and the system is not happy with the change and will thus register as a start up fail. This will thenactivate the auto reboot of the system, this should be turned off. You may need to open in safe mode to make this change as you need to have the system running before the change can be made.

Windows XP start up adjustment - auto reboot

Default is to auto reboot if a problem is found, this should be turned off.

Open 'Control Panel' then 'System' then the 'Advanced' tab, and in the
section 'Startup and Recovery' select "settings, in the middle of the
window in 'System Failure' deselect (remove the tick) in the box beside
'Automatically restart - select 'OK', then select 'OK' and continue to
close the windows using 'OK', or 'Save'

A similar process is applicable to most Windows operating systems.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to XP keep rebooting after w ...


Press F8 when booting your computer. You will see a list of options - Safe Mode etc and near the bottom is the option to turn off the reboot function. This will stop the automatic reboot.

However, I would install and run a professional AntiVirus program, rather than just scanning for the top 5. Just because a virus may be several months old, does not mean it has retired. You should also try uninstalling the updates and see if your computer boots normally. If it does then you should contact Microsoft who will help.

Good luck

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by dmiles In reply to XP keep rebooting after w ...

The immediate, straightforward solution is to turn off the automatic-reboot function in Windows XP. The long-term fix, however, is more difficult. We'll talk about both.

Windows XP lets you specify how the OS handles critical errors. To change this setting, select Start --> Control Panel --> Settings --> System (in the Classic-style Start menu, Control Panel is under Settings). Click Advanced --> System And Recovery --> Settings. In the System Failure section, clear the Automatically Restart check box --> click OK. While you're here, it's a good idea to shut off XP's irritating habit of asking whether you want to report every petty error to Microsoft. Click the Error Reporting button near the bottom right and check Disable Error Reporting. However, check the box next to "But notify me when critical errors occur." Click OK here and in the next dialog.

Now when Windows XP encounters a Stop Error, it will simply display a message on the screen and won't automatically reboot.

That's the easy part. The tough part is troubleshooting your PC to find the root cause of the errors.

Device drivers:

These small programs, which control internal and external components of the PC, such as the video card and printer, may be to blame. You can run into all kinds of trouble if drivers are missing or incompatible. Go to your device manufacturer's Web site and look for XP-compatible drivers. Download and install them.

Incompatible third-party software:

These applications can cause critical OS errors, so search your software makers' sites for any available XP updates or patches. If no update exists, XP's Program Compatibility Wizard, part of XP's "Help and support center," may help you work around old software.

Out-of-date BIOS chip: This chip in your PC's motherboard can also cause critical errors. Once again, check your PC manufacturer's Web site and look for BIOS updates that you can download and install or instructions on manually updating the BIOS.

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by kiki.w In reply to XP keep rebooting after w ...

This happened when I install Windows XP Sp1 and Office 2003. Then I install Windows XP Sp2 the system still OK. The problem comes after I install Windows update for GDI.

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by san_shelar In reply to XP keep rebooting after w ...

my winxp automatic reboot when start

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by chennailad In reply to XP keep rebooting after w ...

I also have the same problem. Not sure if you had found a solution to this problem. But this stupid gdi update totally screwed up my system and i am not able to proceed beyond the windows logo screen from where it starts rebooting.


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