xp key codes

By procadman ·
I've manage to lose the key codes to a currently running pc using xp.

I can't remember how to get to these codes.

I need to reformat and repartition this drive.

I'm pretty sure there are utilities for this also.

Any help?

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Call MSFT with

by cmiller5400 In reply to xp key codes

Call MSFT with the install CD. They can give you new key codes if you can prove ownership.

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Keys & Partitions

by christianshiflet In reply to xp key codes

To find the key on a running XP machine you can use a key finder called Magical Jellybean Key Finder (seriously, Google it). To repartition a computer without reinstalling everything you can create a gparted live cd if you are brave enough to do so. I have done it many times with minimal problems but I may just be really lucky. Either way, I would get the XP install key using the key finder first, just in case.

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What's wrong with looking at the Sticker on the Case?

by OH Smeg In reply to xp key codes

The COA always has the Product Key on it along with what version of Windows it suits.

But supposing that somehow that Tamper Proof Sticker has fallen off the case all you need do is pickup your Install Disc nd look at it. If it has the Words Microsoft with the M$ Logo on it and a Aluminum or Copper Holograph you ring M$ and quote them the numbers off the inner ring and they will within 7 to 10 days E-Mail you a Replacement Product Key which you should print out and store Safely in a place you Can Not loose it.

Naturally you have to tell them your E-Mail Address so that they can send it to you. :0

If it isn't a M$ Branded Install Disc but a System Makers Recovery Disc you ring the Technical Help section of that Maker and request a New Product Key.

As the System Makers only use OEM Software they have to offer all the support for it not M$. :)


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