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XP: Launching programs by the Start Menu vs Icons on the Desktop

By bp ·
The culture at my firm is to create a shortcut for every program and stick it on the desktop. Everything can be accessed by the start menu, but because users have the shortcuts on the desktop, they either forget or do not no that they can run the program from the start menu.

This causes confusion for users if the shortcuts go missing. Even more problems arise for people with a single desktop for internal network access and remote services (as the icons don't link to programs on the terminal server).

I'd be interested to know other peoples views on whether people should be encouraged to use the start menu etc or to add tens of icons to their desktop!


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by Tink! In reply to XP: Launching programs by ...

I try to avoid too many icons on my desktop as it doesn't look good when it gets cluttered with shortcuts. Plus I can't see the cute faces of my children on my desktop if they're covered by icons.

For users that only use a few key programs, I'd put icons on the desktop as well as pin them to the Start Menu.

With XP, I rely heavily on my toolbars. I have 2 custom folders of shortcuts that I keep as toolbars on the side of my screen, always on top. Since I have so many programs on my computer, trying to start a program from the Start Menu is a bit of a pain.

I do pin a few key programs to my Start Menu. For the rest of the office - it's toolbars.

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