XP loading issues

By alxcsby ·
I got a call yesterday, near as I can tell about 3 hours after the initial event, and with no background as to what called the event, so my background info is a little sketchy...
One of my workstations "froze", and when the person restarted said workstation, it wouldn't load, it just hung at the startup screen with XP logo and that scrolling blue bar.
I figured a BIOS problem: that checked out.
Next I thought toasted HD no problems, passed SMART, chkdsk, and the BIOS self-test.
I've read several problems on other forums, but none quite the same.
When you start, it performs normally, but hangs at the startup XP logo screen.
If you tell it to go to Setup or any other option, you can get to the "boot in safe mode..." options.
It had been booting in safe mode with networking up until just now. Now that's hanging. It hangs on restore from last good, and hangs on boot normal.
Any ideas?
It's an HP with a WDC HDD, 80gig. Just a basic workstation computer, and is not used for anything heavy. User claims that the only programs running were WordPerfect and our office's management software.
When it hangs on safe mode, it displays
Multi(0)Disk(0)Rdisk(0)Partition(1)\Windows\system32\drivers\{insert name}.dll
Multi(0)Disk(0)Rdisk(0)Partition(1)\Windows\system32\drivers\{insert name}.sys

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by bincarnato In reply to XP loading issues

Boot to a windows xp CD and choose the repair option and then recovery console. CHoose the correct Windows instalation and put in the local admin password, if there is one. At the command prompt, type in "chkdsk /r" without the quotation marks. Once it has finished, and it may take a while, type exit. It should reboot, take Windows CD out. See if it boots to desktop. If you still have issues, go to the HD manufacturer's website and get the diagnostics and run it on the drive.

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by alxcsby In reply to CHKDSK /R

I'll give it a shot, It passed the diagnostics I ran on the drive, but I didn't try the windows CD repair console...I didn't want to wipe the drive.

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Still having the same problems

by alxcsby In reply to XP loading issues

Tried chkdsk -r with the OS cd in. It completed, reported an error fixed. Rebooted the computer to the same problems. Ran the diagnostic tool, no problems reported.
Any ideas?

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Download and burn the 'Ultimate Boot CD' -

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Still having the same pro ...

It has more HDD diagnostic tools than you can shake a proverbial stick at.

Good luck!

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Good idea, bad results

by alxcsby In reply to Download and burn the 'Ul ...

Tried the UBCD (about time, I've heard about it for a while), and the HDD passed all tests. It passed memory and MOBO tests as well. I can't think of anything aside from the OS and the HDD that would be causing this. The OS has been reinstalled, the HDD has been "repaired", and passed all manner of testery.
Any gonzo things could be doing this?

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Update, same problem

by alxcsby In reply to Good idea, bad results

Got into the boot.ini and turned off DEP, just as a check. I can now boot to safemode. It's still giving me the same problems, though. Any ideas about what would be causing this? I really don't think it is the HDD, I'm beginning to believe there's just an errant string somewhere, but I haven't the foggiest where to look.
There's only the one partition, which strikes me as being a little weird. Is there anything about that partitioning setup that could be causing the boot issues?
Thanks for all the help so far

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Thanks for the help

by alxcsby In reply to Update, same problem

Got it fixed, some kind of OS issue, not a hardware problem at all. When the boot.ini was acting funny, I did a complete uninstall/reinstall of XP (the long, drawn-out one that lookslike a clean install).
That seemed to fix the issue. I have no idea what the issue was, but I assume something in the system32 folder had been damaged or removed.
Thanks for all the help.

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by bincarnato In reply to XP loading issues

Since you can get into safe mode, run msconfig from the run dialog. Uncheck everything and see if it boots to normal. If it does, then start adding things back in a few at time and reboot. Eventually you can isolate it to one of those items. Then google the file that is causing the hang. Also, in safe mode, run any spyware removal stuff you may have. I don't know what protection you have in place for that stuff but since you have it running, might as well eliminate it as an issue.

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thanks, no need anymore though

by alxcsby In reply to msconfig

I appreciate the constant help, thanks. I have a full firewall system plus anti-virus suites and anti-spyware daily checks implemented throughout my network.
We're as safe in that regard as possible.
Other than that, the "uncheck and go" theory is what got me into the boot.ini file. I think the DEP switch was cutting something in system 32, so I just ran a full overhaul of the system.
'sall fixed, thanks again.

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