xp loads and after a while get stuck?

By vvimal ·
I have windows xp .when i switch o the pc xp loads .after 5 or 6min it just get stuck neither the pointer moves or any key works.i have a on chip vga and also nvidia geforce 6200 . i remove the card pc works fine for some time but eventually get stuck . i even reinstalled xp .still the problem persist . what may be the problem ?

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xp loads and after a while get stuck?

by balge In reply to xp loads and after a whil ...

you dont say - does it actually boot into Windows or not?
When you swap from onboard to card graphics are you a: removing previous drivers etc and loading appropriate new driver
b: changing settings for initial display in BIOS?
can also be overheating, check temp in BIOS if available, or get a monitoring app in Windows
check Event Viewer for errors


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Also check anti-virus and anti-malware

by oldbaritone In reply to xp loads and after a whil ...

I have an older system that has similar symptoms. I have "system explorer" loaded, and when it locks up at the 5 or 6 minute point, the processor utilization is at 100% and the disk light is lit continuously.

I found that it was an antivirus scan in progress, and the AV was set to "hog" processor and memory during the scan.

After the scan completes, in 20 minutes or so, everything is fine.

Nothing is wrong on the machine, just software settings caused the system to become so busy that it couldn't do anything else during a virus scan.

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Safe mode

by Donmecca In reply to Also check anti-virus and ...

I would boot up into safe mode and see if it works then. There are minimal drivers loaded and you can run a virus scan, check event viewer, and also device manager.

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I would scan with a Utility like the Trinity Rescue Kit

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to xp loads and after a whil ...

Available free here

This will do 2 things check the system for infections and if it falls over prove that you have a Hardware issue not a software problem.

If it is hardware related you can use the Ultimate Boot CD available free here to run some diagnostics on your hardware.

Though if this fails to show anything of persists in falling over it could be a faulty Power Supply here than needs replacing. When PS's go off they loose capacitance and may still produce the right voltages but they get scrambled by spikes on the mains which get passed through tot he internal electronics which is a very bad thing as it degrades the electronics.


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