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    XP loads to blue select user screen initial and after pwr save


    by mikeygen ·

    My system has recently started to boot to a “Welcome” screen that is blue and has a select user (there is only one of me) button which when selected it goes to the desktop. It also goes to this screen after coming back from power save on the monitor. Other than the automatic updates that MS does and loading I think it was called Netframework, to the system, I have made no changes. The system at times is much slower now as well.

    Can anyone tell me what happened and how to undo it? I havn’t known the right question to ask on the MS site so can’t find it there.


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      by jhowton ·

      In reply to XP loads to blue select user screen initial and after pwr save

      I’m not sure howit can come undone by itself, but to change it back, go to Control Panel, User Accounts, then click on the Advanced tab and check the box beside “Require users to press CTRL+ALT+DEL”

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        by g.luis ·

        In reply to Fix

        Certain updates downloaded and applied to the machine resets things. I?ve had clients who were reset after an update. So be prepared to reset it back a few times during times of updates, but don?t be alarmed. This is normal. As for the slow-up, it could also be an update. Now, depending on your system whether or not it?s a name brand, the update may have issues with your machine. HP is noted to have issues with the regular MS updates and to fix that issue, has put similar updates on their site ( just for that reason.

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        How to change the welcome screen

        by mikeygen ·

        In reply to Fix

        I don’t have an Advanced tab under user account. I do have an option for user log on under which there is a selection which has been activated for the welcome screen to come up. I can undo the check mark but there are comments about the typical logon box coming into play. I don’t need or want this. I only want to get back to booting to the desktop or coming our of power save straight to the desktop.

        Thanks for you help.

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        I know how!

        by orngrubberducky ·

        In reply to Fix

        Ok so I just had the same problem and was thinking it was caused by the same thing, but really didnt want to restore my computer just to get rid of it. And since I’m so excited I figured it out after reading your post I had to sign up just to help you out!

        Control Panel > User Acounts > then…
        you should see another user other than you and the guest. Mine was ASP something. Deleted it and no more selcting at start up. d:- D
        Hope this works for you too.

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