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    XP Lockout – Deja Vu


    by deiceray ·

    Last year I was updating an XP box and got locked out by SP3’s update.The solution was to reformat and start over. Once again, on the same box, during a fresh install onto a new drive, right after SP3 and a few other updates, the same lockout occurred. Last time I asked for insights but didn’t get many. SO here’s the situation and maybe someone will have an idea:
    It’s an Athlon 64 with an IDE primary and a SATA secondary drive. The locked XP home version is on the IDE on C:. PLEASE read this carefully – I did not create, at any time, any passwords, nor did I create any network called “LR”. I am locked out of this OS at the login screen because after SP3 it insists on a password for each account (there are 4 accounts created by me for other reasons(configurations, wallpaper, just to have different logins, etc.) Each one rejects any and all passwords – remember – I NEVER made any – and I have tried booting from the XP install disk to ‘repair’ the system, but it ends up either at the repair prompt (and by the way, during the repair, you have to login as the admin and input the password, and since there was never a password, a simple ‘Enter” key passes that test (but not at the XP login, locked-out screen). All the alternate boot options, Safe mode, etc. end up at the locked out password prompt screen. All password attempts result in the message that the “LR network is not available at this time, see your admin” or words like that. During the rebuild of this box, I did create an empty partition (E:)and now I have installed a fresh XP on it and can boot to it (!). However, since all the programs, data, etc. are on the C: drive, I would like to
    A. Fix the login problem
    B. Keep my C: OS and all the programs, data, etc.
    1. How can I fix the lockout on C:?
    2. What could possibly create both a “LR network” and lock me out of all accounts? REMEMBER, I never made passwords, nor an LR network.
    I did create, during the initial install on C:, a HOME network, the default one of XP, and the computer’s “name” is “LR”, but that is all I did – I did not create passwords or LR network.
    3. Can I access anything through the dual boot OS on E: to fix the lockout on c:?

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      by deiceray ·

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      Not wanting to re-enter your question from May….

      by darryl~ ·

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      Nor to go in circles with you again like people did last year when you had this problem…..

      SAFE MODE – yes I know F8 gives you your boot menu (at least it did last year).

      There are other ways to enter SAFE MODE….try this….then log in as Administrator (password should be blank).


      F5 — Safe mode. This allows Windows to start with its most basic configuration, bypassing Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files and using the VGA driver for video and not loading networking software.

      F6 — Safe mode (like F5) but with the addition of network support.

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        thanks for replying

        by deiceray ·

        In reply to Not wanting to re-enter your question from May….

        I got into the Command prompt last year through the repair CD; which I can try again; I also can access some of the system through the dual install of XP, although the drivers disk is gone missing, so I am having other issues as well…
        So anyway, I get to the prompt, then what? I searched for userpasswords2, but did not find it. If you have specific commands/files to use/look for, please tell me.
        Had to rent my wife’s pc to send this, my other PC burned up after installing an Nvidia 9800 video card – fried the power supply and the MB… I LOVE computers…

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