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XP log into a 2000 server domain

By spouye ·
Hello there,

I have a network established of Win 2000 servers and Win 2000 Pro clients. For some reason all my new Windows XP clients take a very long time to log into the domain, unlike the 2000 clients. It'll stay a long time on the "Applying Network Settings"...

Anyone has a clue?

I appreciate you all time.

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by spouye In reply to XP log into a 2000 server ...

Well I think I found the answer myself.
First, you want to use your internal DNS ip addresses instead of the ones provided by your ISP(I had a T1 line). If you only have one DNS server then you use that server's IP address on the Preferred DNS ip address on your XP client(s).
Secondly, it is not necessary but it's still good to do it: on those XP clients, go to the properties of TCP/IP the in the Advanced tab locate DNS. Make sure that the boxes are checked at the bottom(Register this connect blablabla and Use this connection's blablabla)
That's all you need to do my friends and you will logon so fast that you wouldn't even believe it!

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by 5jgibbs In reply to Solution

well actually i never saw your reply .. but what i did do, is install 2003 server.. what i did was set up a dhcp on the server and configured that to hand out a DNS of the IP of my DNS server.. so when all the computers go to the DHCP, they not only get the IP from the DHCP they get the DNS as well, so i dont have to configure anything.. also, i found if i added this to my LMHOST file
it spead things up "before i actually figured out about the DHCP thing"


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