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XP logoff after logon

By glanderson ·
I just copied a drive image from a failing 20 Gb drive to a new 40 Gb drive split into 2 partitions. I used Drive Image 7. With the new drive as the system partition, the machine boots to the logon screen. The only defined user is Administrator. I enter that password and the system begins to load my personal settings. Then suddenly the screen indicates that it is logging off. I don't even see the desktop. Can anyone help?

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by runaldo In reply to XP logoff after logon

Can you start it in safe mode? Press F8 - i think when you boot.

If you can - check with 256 colors and see in event log.

Good luck.

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Same in safe mode

by glanderson In reply to Safemode

Safe mode won't let me log in either. I am running XP SP2.

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Log off?

by runaldo In reply to Same in safe mode

Does it log you off? I guess not.

Try testing out you images by using VMWare. There is a trial version that is handy.

Has the image ever worked fine?

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Data lost/corrupted

by vbenjoya In reply to Log off?

You can be experincing a lost of data or corrupted file from system32, you can get the point trying to reboot and by F8 trying to use a Last Known Good configuration, it probably show some message of file corrupted in the system... and wil ask you to use Windows install C and use the option R . After ask for someone that know a little bit more of Windows XP to help you in order to save your computer of a new instalation!

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Wrong forum

by deepsand In reply to XP logoff after logon

This is a tech. problem, in search of a solution.

It properly belongs in "Technical Q&A," not in "Discussions."

Please re-post there.

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Right Forum

by runaldo In reply to Wrong forum
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by deepsand In reply to Right Forum

He's seeking the solution for a specific technical problem, as opposed to initiating an general discussion.

I would suggest that you review the several discussions regarding the specific problem re. too many people using "Discussions" as a means to effect "Technical Questions & Answers."

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