XP Logon changes to profile

By derek22 ·
I have 3 logon profiles with different thumbnail pictures for each but recently when I boot the machine all 3 thumbnails have been changed to 1 common picture. When I logon many of my desktop icons are missing and some programs are no longer associated with the profile and try to reinstall themselves. I have full system backups which cure the problem but only for 2 or 3 logons when the problem re-appears. I have virus protection and scans show no problems. Any ideas please.

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corrupt profile...

by ---TK--- In reply to XP Logon changes to profi ...

sounds like you have corrupt profiles... It happens more often than one might think. Basically create 3 new profiles and copy the old data to the new profiles, once the copy is completed, delete the users.

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Or a drive has bad sectors

by IC-IT In reply to XP Logon changes to profi ...

Open a command prompt and type;
Chkdsk /R

It will tell you it can't lock the drive ...... would you like to run this after a reboot. Type in Y (for yes).

Reboot and watch the process. If it finds and repairs one or more bad sectors, run it again.

If you logon with an administrator user and show all hidden files you may see more than one profile for each user. You can save data from the profiles that you plan to delete (after testing that logon).

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Problem Resolved?

by derek22 In reply to XP Logon changes to profi ...

Thank you both for your assistance with my query. You may be interested to know that it turned out to be a virus which I believe was Tr/Agent.LIZ attached to file C:\Windows\Jestertb.dll
This virus as well as affecting profiles also switched off AV programs and/or allowed them to continue with very old virus definitions and preventing updates. I tried many virus removal programs from the major AV providers but only Activescan 2.0 from Panda identified the culprit and deleted it. I have had to re-install some corrupted programs but to date it appears to have resolved the problem.

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good deal...

by ---TK--- In reply to Problem Resolved?

:) glad your issue got solved.

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