XP loops in safe mode!

By lynnski93 ·
I know someone out there can help, you guys always have the answer! My pc wasnt seeing the CD-rom...in device mgr, in my computer, not even in boot up screen.

I wanted to boot in safe mode but it wouldnt go in using F8 so i went to run/msconfig/boot.ini and changed it to safe mode. NOW the freekin thing will boot, go to advanced options screen and no matter which option i choose (safe mode, command prompt, normal) it will reboot and loop back to the advanced options screen!

I did get it to the longer advanced options by pressing f8 in the loop, and it gives me more options like disable auto restart...which i did and i get the blue screen: "bad_pool_caller check hardware/sftwr & windows for udates. Disable/remove hrdwr/sftwr. Disable BIOS memory options such as Caching or shadowing" Which i dont know how to...i did unplug the CD rom just in case that was the original issue...i am stumped!

I have reset the cmos, just went back to loop....Argh! Any ideas? I am out! And this is our company computer!

please please please....any ideas??

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First question - ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to XP loops in safe mode!

Can you remember what this system was doing immediately BEFORE this problem arose ?? - What was the last thing is WAS capable of doing ??

You might tell us what computer you are talking about (make and model number) AND what operating system (flavour) you are running (or attempting to run) with.

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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to XP loops in safe mode!

Boot back into Safe Mode
Start, run and type in msconfig and press Enter
Click on the Boot.ini Tab and untick SafeBoot
<i>Keep us informed as to your progress if you require further assistance.

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