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    XP loses connection on W2K LAN


    by brownr55 ·

    I have a W2K LAN. There is about 60 machines connected to the DC, most of these machines are either 2000 or XP and work fine. I have one machine that loses its ability to connect to shared files and folders on the local domain controller. We have WAN with are office in CA, we are in WV, it is able to access files on the servers in CA. The user logs on fine for no reason if she is working on the machine or not the connection disappears and she is prompted for a password when she tries to connect to anything on the LAN.

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      XP loses connection on W2K LAN

      by thehobbit ·

      In reply to XP loses connection on W2K LAN

      Have you looked at the Event Viewer on the machine that you’re having problems with?

      That would be the first place to start by seeing what errors are occuring.

      Also, since these machines are geographically dispersed, have you set up a site in Win2K? and if so, check the bridgehead server for errors as well.

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