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XP machine can't see network

By kkoontz77 ·
Boss just came in and wants her laptop, running XP SP2, to connect to the internet. Setting it up like usual, using wired connection straight into the net. hub. Done this on the same network with a few other machines w/ no probs. For some reason, even though I assigned laptop to workgroup, etc.. computer can't see network/workgroup computers.
It can ping them, and the default gateway, and no problem getting out to internet on shared connection, dhcp assigned all addresses just fine. Even tried running net. setup wizard - didn't work.
Any ideas? helppp

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by willcomp In reply to XP machine can't see netw ...

First thing to check is whether NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled for network adapter used.

Right click on adapter in Network Connections and select Properties. Under General tab, click Interner Protocol (TCP/IP), then Properties, then Advanced (under General), then WINS tab. Check "Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP."

If NetBIOS over TCP/IP is not enabled, you will not be able to see other PCs in a workgroup.

Also check Windows firewall (or any other installed firewall) settings.


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by razz2 In reply to XP machine can't see netw ...

I agree with willcomp that you need to check the NetBIOS setting
and the XP SP2 firewall.

One other thing I thought of, The fact that it is "her" laptop
makes me wonder if she is running any Internet Security Suite
such as Norton. I see it all the time where a user upgrades an
Anti-Virus Only product to a suite that includes a firewall. In the
Norton for example the local LAN would be in-accessable until
you go into the firwall config and set the LAN subnet as a
trusted network.

Also, if the XP firewall and some other are both running then
dis-able the XP one.

Good Luck,


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by zlitocook In reply to XP machine can't see netw ...

First thing is this a company computer or her home computer? Your company must have rules for using computers. Computers that connect to your network must meet standards because of all the new regulations that apply to almost all companys now. She may be a boss but if she is not above the law and has you fix her computer to access your network you could be the one who is charged if information from your company is accessed. You need to look at what she needs and what she has on her laptop. I would start by installing a antivirus scanner and running it. Then install a spyware remover like spybot search and distroy and run it. Then run all the clean and defrag from system tools. Laptops from the users are are a great way to bring in all types of problems to the network. Just say to her let me work on it and I will get it back to you.

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by glyall In reply to XP machine can't see netw ...

Was the laptop been on the your network before ?
If yes,has it been within the last 2 months?
If no, it has to be removed from the network and readded.
I have had to remove pcs/laptops when changing network card (ethernet to tokenring) and sometime if I had to rebuild a machine after a harddrive crash.

good luck

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by imagictech In reply to XP machine can't see netw ...

looks like the others have said pretty much what I would have said. Issues about the XP SP2 firewall, netbios and third party firewalls as well. I would have to ask if your are on a domain or a workgroup? I would be inclined to try to open resources on another system. For instance, if you have a system on the network that is labeled "Secretary" and that system has folders and drives shared, I would try to open that system by going to run and typing \\secretary (forget about not "seeing it"). That will open the secretary system up as if you opened it up from Net Places. I dont always go by what I see in My Network Places. Also one more thing. This is a REAL long shot and probably isnt the situation BUT, I had a customer that had all Win98 systems and had added and XP system. The XP system could not "see" other systems on the network but could ping them and could get on line. Ther cause was that the customer had removed TCP/IP from the Win98 system and was running NetBeui. XP does not have NetBeui by default so it could communicate to the web, just not to the other systems. That was an interesting situation.


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by fenaikh In reply to XP machine can't see netw ...


I wonder since you just said "XP SP2" if it has a Windows XP Home which does not have the ability to logon to a domain. You may map network drive by Right-clicking on My Computer and select Map Network Drive.
If it is XP pro please comment on the questions from other participants specially if it has been joined to a domain.

Good Luck


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by lmayeda In reply to XP machine can't see netw ...

Had a similar problem with a brand new XP. PC was pre-installed with Norton. I uninstalled Norton ... was able to "see" the other PCs on the network ... then re-installed Norton Antivirus. As best as I can figure, Norton does something with the firewall setting ... such that even though the firewalls appears to NOT be set, it is blocking the other PCs on the network. Hope this helps.

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by patrimoine79 In reply to

some of computers do not see internet in my network. what can i do? when ping the gateway it replies, ping the DNS it replies also but when browse for internet it dosn't. please help

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