XP machines with duplicate GUIDs. If I join the domain, what happens?

By mancalledSun ·

I have a machine (A) I would like to join to a domain though RIS. When I give it a name at the PXE boot and continue to join a domain, it tells me the GUID already exists.

The machine with the same GUID (B) is currently in use and cannot be tampered with.

I have totally removed machine A from AD but it still recognises the duplication.

Is anybody able to tell me what will happen if I continue and ignore the warning? For example, as the machines have different names in AD, will it matter that they have the same GUID? Or is there a way of being sure that this won't happen again, i.e. can I change the GUID or somehow remove all trace of it's connection to machine A?

Thanks in anticipation!

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by shasca In reply to XP machines with duplicat ...

If you get any kind of AD error when joining a new PC the chances of it have full trust to the domain are pretty slim. Try running sysprep of said PC and see if the error goes away. There is also a tool called Newsid that reworks PC info a new.

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GUID is duplicated, not the SID

by mancalledSun In reply to Trust

When you say "try running sysprep" I take it you mean, rebuild the PC with our corporate image? That is exactly what I am trying to do, but when a name is given during the 1st step of the RIS process it finds a duplicate GUID reference (somewhere) in AD, not a duplicate client name or duplicate SID.

I could carry on regardless, but do not want to risk knocking the other machine of of the domain (if indeed this is what will happen). That's what I want to know.

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