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XP Migration to new hardware

By cs ·
I tried to migrate Windows XP Pro SP1 to a complete new hardware platform. The Windows XP I had to migrate is on the 2nd partition of the primary master HDD. The source system uses 2 partitions on the 1st HDD and 3 partitions on the 2nd HDD. It uses a multiboot for one Windows XP Pro (HDD-1 /1st part. as a test environment) and one Windows XP Pro. (HDD-1 / 2nd part. as standard environment). I prepared the source system by converting the partition from FAT32 to NTFS. After this I run the program sysprep to seal the source XP installation. Then I installed a 3rd HDD as a secondary master an made an image backup with PQ DriveImage 5.0. After finishing the backup I moved the disk to the new machine (also as secondary master) which also uses 2 HDD (primary master & slave) with the same partitioning (only diffrent sizes of partitions) and driveletters (HDD-1 Part. 1 = C: Status: Primary, Active, HDD-1 Part. 2 = Status: Primary, HDD-2 Part.1 to 3 = E:,F:,G:). Previously I installed the system with a native Windows XP Pro SP1a on Drive C:. Then I restored the Image-Backup from the drive installation of the source system to the same partition of the new mashine. Last but not least I modified the boot.ini in drive C: for choosing the operating system from partition 2 of the 1st HDD. The line I addes was:
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\Windows="MS Win XP Pro Standard"/fastdetect
After rebooting and choosing the operating system on partition 2 of HDD-1 the system loops rebooting. Also adding the parameters /sos /basevideo or /crashdebug didn't improve the function of the boot.
I also tried the parameter signature(8b467c12)in the boot.ini. But only the boot from drive C: works properly.

Is there anybody who knows what I'm doing wrong?

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by TheChas In reply to XP Migration to new hardw ...


You need to remove the hardware layer from the backup when moving Windows 2000 or XP to new hardware.

Microsoft used to have a knowledge base article on this.

Basically, back up XP without the hardware layer.

Install XP clean on the new hardware.

Restore from the backup.

Here are a couple of sites that may offer some help and hints.


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by cs In reply to

Thank you for your help.
The url you told me in your answer is very intresting.
But I read an article in a magazin which explains that the sysprep utility removes all the entries of the hardware in the registry and seals Windows XP. After 'sysprep' and rebooting the system it should show the same welcome screen as an installation with the oem preinstallation kit. If you answer the dialog boxes and fill in the installation key the system should reboot an all the applications and settings of the earlier installtion would be restored.
Do you still know another reason why it crashes at my new system?
Thanks a lot

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