Xp misreporting Used disk space.

By sfcohen ·
I have a client with an IBM laptop (T60). The machine has a 70 GB hard disk in one partition. When you look at the properties of the hard disk it tells you that there is 3.6 GB Free (which means over 65 GB used space). If you tally the size of all the actual files including all hidden files the total used space comes to about 30 GB. Where can the other 35 GB be?? I have been racking my brains about this for over a week, any suggestions.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Xp misreporting Used disk ...

First of all, even if a hard drive is marketed as 70GB, it hardly ever is. The simple explanation to this is the difference between a Kilobyte - 1024 bytes - and one thousand bytes or 1000. When you get to Gigabytes, the difference is considerable. The manufacturers present the higher figure (1000's) in their brochures, but Windows Explorer uses the binary 1024 in its calculations. Therefore what is presented as 70GB is in fact a bit more than 65GB in reality.

Secondly, you should go to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Disk Manager and have a look at the partitions and the free space. It is possible that the second partition has not been set up, or that your client has inadvertently removed it.

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Disk Management

by sfcohen In reply to Partition(s)

I checked disk management first thing and it shows only one partition of 70 Gb.

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System Folders?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Xp misreporting Used disk ...

In the Folder Options, is the option 'Display the contents of system folders' selected?

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This sounds like

by Jesus_C In reply to Xp misreporting Used disk ...

you only have one partition formatted at 35GB and an unformatted partition of 30GB.Download partition magic which will tell you what has been formated and what has not.But i think that you have two partitions.One formated and one thats not.

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Windows will

by Jesus_C In reply to This sounds like

not show the unpartitioned space , but partition magic will.

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Checked Partition Magic

by sfcohen In reply to Windows will

And partition magic also showed a 70 GB formatted partition.


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how did you solve it

by zhujason721 In reply to Checked Partition Magic

I have the same problem with my Thinkpad T60 laptop, i have 70 GB hard drive, used less than 30GB as counting all the folders, but system only calculated less than 1GB space left.
I want to know how your problem was solved.


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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Xp misreporting Used disk ...

How about checking the hard drive for errors? Right click the hard drive in Windows Explorer, select Properties, then Tools - Check Now... and 'Automatically fix file system errors'.

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Hard disk showing less space

by bharat546 In reply to Xp misreporting Used disk ...

It's the IBM Rescue and Recovery program. RRbacup folder on root drive. This program makes a complete system state image backup and then stores it in the same partititon.

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I am having the same problem with a T60 misreporting disk space.

by Randy P In reply to Hard disk showing less sp ...

The hard drive is 140GB which it says 99GB is used but when I check the properties on the directories I only am coming up with about 35GB of space being used. Window is seeing 60GB of space being used that is not. Before you ask I am showing all folders including hidden and the Rapid Restore partition is on the hidden partition and is only about 7GB.

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