XP Mode app not publishing to Win7

By dlbtiger02 ·
I have tried to follow Greg Shultz' excellent article posted on this site Mar 4, 2010 but have not been successful in publishing any XP mode app to Win 7. I first checked the XP settings to make sure integration features and autopublish were enabled. After installing, I opened the All User folder and the shortcut was there, but it did not show up in the Win 7 start menu under all programs. This has occurred in each of 2 programs I installed. Thought I had better find a solution before I continue. Any Ideas would be appreciated.


I'm running a new 64 bit HP laptop with out-of -the-box 64 bit win 7 Pro installed.

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You may have to skip XP mode and use Virtual XP instead.

by databaseben In reply to XP Mode app not publishin ...

There are two scenarios when it comes to win7.

One is that the win7 desktop offers the option to run programs in xp mode. However, it has been my experience that very few xp programs do run in this specialty mode from the win7 environment.

The second scenario is that win7 pro comes with Virtual PC, if im not mistaken.

Virtual PC is a specialty program that basically creates a bubble, ie a secondary environment, inside Win7. And from this bubble you can run a copy of the xp operating system. And from the copy of the xp operating system, you can run xp programs.

To describe it a bit differently, Virtual PC allows the XP operating system ( or linux or any other operating system) to be virtualized and executable, even though another operating system is running at the same time, eg Win7. So in affect Virtual PC allows a sub-operating system to run inside the main operating system.

To this end, once xp is installed in Virtual PC, then you can install programs in the virtualized version of xp. The virtualized XP will have its own start button, program files, desktop, shortcuts, etc... You can also run email and internet browsing from the virtualized xp.

So find the shortcut to run Virtual PC, if its installed on your Win7. After Virtual PC runs, see if it has XP installed in it. If it does, then run XP.

After the virtualized XP launches and the XP desktop appears inside the Virtual PC window, you can then install your xp programs in it and then run them from the virtualized version of xp.

When your done using XP, then close it via the Virtual PC main menu, eventhough you can also use the xp start button method too.

But there is an advantage with closing the virtual pc program instead of shutting down xp.

If you select the options to save xp's current configuration, then the next time you run xp it will as though it was coming out of hibernation. Also, if you don't save the configuration of xp after you install programs in it, then those programs won't be saved in xp.

Something to keep in mind, is that a virtualize xp cannot take complete control of you win7 system. for one thing, your computer hardware and its drivers are designed to run by Win7. So by virtue of the older / outdated xp o.s., it cannot take control of some of your computers hardware functions, like printing. Therefore, dont try to install hardware drivers in xp, because they simply won't work on your win7 machine.

Lastly, you will need to establish a folder for your personal files that will be shared by both Win7 and your Virtual XP. Then from Win7 you can access the shared folder and send documents to the printer that is controlled by WIn7.

Hope all of the above makes sense. It sounds real complicated at first. But eventually you'll see how really simple and logical all of the above is.

In any case, here is a search lookup with more info on Win7 Virtual PC:

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Still Having Publishing XP Publishing Problem Problem

by dlbtiger02 In reply to XP Mode app not publishin ...

First, thanks for taking the time for such a complete answer. I may have worded my question poorly. I am familiar with the architecture of the virtual environment as you described it. My understanding is that the virtual locations/specifications need to be shared (published) so Win 7 can interact with both the program and data, which is not happening. And I think that is what you are telling me. Below is a better more detailed description of my problem.

Win 7 Pro doesn't come with the virtual machine or XP but it includes a free Microsoft download of the virtual machine and the complete XP SR 3. I downloaded both, and the download process had created the Win 7 folder All Progams/Windows Virtual PC which includes 2 applications (1)Windows Virtual PC and (2) Windows XP Mode. I selected (2) the first time I used it and it brought up the familiar XP window. I installed and then ran the application with no problems. It also created - in Win 7 All Programs - the folder Windows Virtual PC/XP Mode Applications with shortcuts to my installed applications listed. Clicking the shortcut starts Virtual PC and the application opens in the virtual environment.

After receiving your input I went back to Win 7 and was going to try to install my programs by starting the virtual machine shortcut, instead of the XP mode shortcut. It simply brought up Windows Explorer displaying a Virtual Machine folder containing a shortcut to XP Mode.

Bottom line I think your answer is right on, but I don't know how to implement it. If my long winded response gives you any clues I would sure appreciate any other thoughts you have.

Thanks again for taking the time for such a complete answer.

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What Program is this?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to XP Mode app not publishin ...

You need to remember that not all will work in XP Mode.


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some additional thoughts

by databaseben In reply to XP Mode app not publishin ...

dlbtiger - if you see a windows explorer icon inside the virtual pc window, then it looks like xp is running. however, the desktop is not showing up ptherwise you would see the start menu and task bar at the bottom.

so try clicking on the virtual pc menu bar and under actions click ctrl del alt

the above will start the task manager.

then under services, kill explorer.exe

then under applications, start a new task called explorer.exe

the above will reload the registry and what you should then see is the task bar at the bottom, start button, etc.....

then play around with it, like running the internet explorer, opening up the windows explorer and even try installing that program you want via add/remove programs control panel.

in regards to the shared folder i mentioned, this has to be set/approved by virtual pc.

so look under the virtual pc menu bar option for edit, then go to settings. you should see the option to designate a shared folder. for ease, set up the folder somewhere on a root drive, like C, D or E. then call it something like MyXpWin7Folder.

if successful, myxpwin7folder will be accessible by both virtual xp and win7

if however, virtual pc stills seems uncooperative, then you may have to simply start over with setting it up and then re-installing xp. the xp.vhd file can simply be deleted like any folder on a computer.

afterwards you can re-install xp in virtual pc and use different settings to tweak things like the amount of memory to allocate.

if however, virtual pc still doesn't cooperate, then try its competition called virtual box and install xp on virtual box. however, if by chance you have an xp installation cd, i would use it instead of microsofts downloaded version of xp mode. microsoft has a knack for tweaking their programs in such a way to limit their functionality for us. so what i'm saying, i am not sure if xp mode download will install in virtual box. but its worth a try.

lastly, like COL is eluding in the previous post, keep in mind that there are programs that can't be virtualized.

xp programs that are hard coded to use xp hardware drivers, will be the problematic in a virtual environment.

for example xp cad programs don't like to be virtualized because they are hard coded for xp printer drivers and some games (not all games) are hard coded for xp sound drivers only. and since a virtualized xp can't virtualize xp drivers, these types of programs will refuse to install.

anyways, i hope the above proves a bit more helpful for you.

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XP Mode app not publishing to Win7

by dlbtiger02 In reply to XP Mode app not publishin ...

Thanks databaseben, I think I'll uninstall and re-install both VM and XP. Then I'll setup VM first as you first suggested, and start over. I resisted switching to WIn7 because I wasn't sure Sidekick PIM (which many of we old folks still use) and another program would not run in XP Mode. Then a friend on the coast told me he was running it with no problems - and setup was 1-2-3 presto. I apparently was holding my mouth the wrong way when I tried to set mine up. So I think it will be easier and less time consuming to start over.

I am out of pocket until the middle of next week but I will get back to the board then with any remaining problems - or to reveal any mistakes I initially made so others might avoid them

Thanks for your help..

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