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    XP network install


    by jkelliott ·

    I bought a computer with xp pro preinstalled and manageed to get my DSL working without a problem.. I did a re-install and now I can only define a broadband conection in network wizard (dial up and DSL not avilable to chose). I thought during setup it would ask me if this was a single user install but it did not, it breezed right through. Any suggestions?

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      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to XP network install

      Not sure about how to fix this one except to remove the DSL settings, disconnect and then remove and reload the XP, get it up, then install the DSL.

      I had no such problems with my DSL as I have a DSL router that maintains the connection and my XP machines just see it as the network DNS server and gateway accessed via a normal LAN connection.

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      by deester ·

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      If you cant see the dialup connections or create a dialup, check to see if the “remote access connection manager” is started. it controls the dialup properties.

      This is under “services” if you didnt know.


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