Xp no disc not working need for FROMAT

By benni_got_bling ·
so i have this ACER laptop and it breaks down when the main screen is starting up (with the start button adn all the programs) half way through it fails and nothing works, no mouse no nothing, i dont have a Disc for it nor can i get to my computer to format it, is there another thing i can do, i can get to the set up at the beginning with F2 but thats pretty much it. is there a way to get into setup and format it or something, i want to instal linux after since i dont want to buy XP.
thanks for any advice

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Depending on the model

by IC-IT In reply to Xp no disc not working ne ...

You may be able to run the Recovery Utility by holding down the ALT +F10 key as it is booting. This will allow you to restore it to factory condition.
Otherwise change the BIOS (Setup) to allow booting from the CD and just boot with the Linux version you wish to install.

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Acer laptops have a Recovery partition . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Xp no disc not working ne ...

On boot, hit Alt+F10 or F11 depending on the type of chassis (I know it sounds stupid, but it sometimes makes a difference) - you should be able to recover the machine to its Factory Settings.

If you have 2 partitions on the hard drive, like C:system and data, the recovery process will ONLY format the C:system partition - any files on will remain intact.

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