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By kchamberlin ·
Have just installed XP Pro for client and have no sound capabilities whatsoever. On an IBM NetVista 6269 system. Any fix?

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Need model number suffix

by TheChas In reply to XP - NO SOUND

You can check out the installed hardware from IBMs web site.

In addition to the model number, you need the alpha suffix to identify the specific version of the 6269 PC.

I suspect that either the sound chip is not supported by XP, or that you need the manufactures drivers.

I had to give up my favorite sound card when I switched to XP, as there was not a functional XP driver for it.


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Sound chip

by kchamberlin In reply to Need model number suffix

Can you identify a sound chip on the board? Where might this info be found on the board? Should I just go for a compatible sound card & speakers?

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Pull the card and look at it

by LordInfidel In reply to Sound chip

Normally it has some identifying marks on it.

But the bigger problem is this. If XP, which is the latest and greatest, could not load drivers for this soundcard. Then either A: the soundcard is so old no one wrote drivers for it,
B: the soundcard is some off the wall brand and never submitted drivers to M$ or C:The sound card is not sitting right in the slot and could not be identified by the OS

Or even the sound card is not plug and pray. Which then you need to check the device mgr and look for any pretty yellow exclamation points. You will need to set the card up manually then.

I would first look in device manager to see what you are dealing with. Then shut down the system and pull the card to find out who makes it.

Look at the writing around the edges and on the back. Also look at the big black square chips. Those are a big indicator as to who made it.

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Other potential problems

by generalist In reply to XP - NO SOUND

The sound card problem could also be due to simple things like:

1. Mute is on.

2. Speakers are not plugged into the CPU

3. Speakers are not powered.

4. Speakers are powered but not turned on.

5. Speakers are not functional.

6. Other 'I should know that' type problems that are very embarassing when you find them.

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