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XP not booting

By The Bug ·
Whenever I start my PC, (XP Pro, 2Ghz Intel, 1Gb RAM, ATI 256MB video--etc.)it will not get past the XP pro splash screen. If I start in safe mode & then do a "restart", it generally comes up fine until the next time I shut it down. Any ideas?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to XP not booting

try another keyboard is my armchair 2 cents. symptoms not repeatable and somewhat weird sounding to me which in my book makes me consider bad hardware first. having said that, i knee-jerk almost everything weird these days to malware or virus. but those are usually repeatable errors and yours is intermittent boot sounds like. when it 'comes up fine' does it run chkdsk complaining improper shutdown? when you say, won't get past splash screen, are you giving it plenty of time. do you hear disk thrashing going on? does hd light come on and stay on or wink off and stay off or wink occasional? could your hd be very badly fragmented? if you want to be sure it isn't malware or virus: run adaware se personal from and stinger from broad spectrum antibiotics so to speak.
in your case, maybe, i would try another keyboard and check health of hd with chkdsk /f at Recover Console maybe. just for grins because you don't sound like user with no virus protection...but any of us could get malware so high probability that is a problem maybe...
also i would tap tab or esc key at splash screen during boot to try to see what is happening 'behind' the splash screen. maybe set bios settings so i see more during boot turn off mfg splash screen there, if applic and disable fast boot. maybe you post computer mfg/model?
more clue gathering, i would tap the f8 key while cold booting. and pick Step by step confirmation from the boot menu. step thru boot, and make note of driver or whatever that seems to hang it..

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

also check for scratched cd in drive?

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by willcomp In reply to XP not booting

Most likely culprit is a bad/flaky driver. XP does not have a step-by-step confirmation startup mode (wish it did). I would start with the video driver which is the most problematic one.

Also try Sarge's other suggestions. They have merit also.


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by glyall In reply to XP not booting

good job sgt
if it check out after all that great of need
get a diagnotics program one like Check-It
I have a boot disk will a diagnotics on it so that I am not on windows, but the old DOS
It will check all of your hardware.

I have had your problem on a PC and it had bad sectors where the windows os was to be.
I had to replace the hard drive.
you can still use that drive as a second drive for a while before it dies.

Good Luck

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