XP Not Recognizing CD-Rom Driver.

By xrenx215 ·
A client gave me an emachine computer. It had a Hitachi drive on it. He did not have the restore disk for it. I reformatted his hard drive and did a clean install of XP home. I downloaded all the common drivers (sound, video, modem) Off the page for that model PC. But It seems to want a driver for his cd-rom. Its recognized in Bios, And in the device manager There is the yellow exclamation point. I swapped out this drive for a known good one. Same issue, Both Bios and Device manager recognize the model of the drive, But it seems to want drivers for it. Any suggestions?

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Did you find the motherboard drivers?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to XP Not Recognizing CD-Rom ...

Sounds as if it needs controller drivers for the motherboard.

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MB Drivers

by xrenx215 In reply to Did you find the motherbo ...

I found out that the MB inside the e machine was an intel one. I went to the support site for the particular model, and downloaded the chipset drivers. In all my days fixing computers, I have never seen an issue like this. Before, If my BIOS recognizes it, And Windows device manager identified the Drive, Why would it not work?

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Re-Install Chip-Set Drivers

by TheChas In reply to MB Drivers

The driver for ALL optical drives under Windows is part of the chip-set driver.

Make sure that you have the correct chip-set drivers and try installing them again.

Sometimes, you need to remove the IDE controllers from Device Manager and reboot to allow Windows to find them again and install the drivers again.

The only other driver for an optical drive is that used by disk burning software like Roxio and Nero.


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See if this is of any help

by Jacky Howe In reply to XP Not Recognizing CD-Rom ...

Startup in Safe Mode and navigate to C:\WINDOWS\DRIVER CACHE\i386, create a folder named Backup and copy the contents of the I386 folder into it. Go back to the I386 folder and delete all the files that are in there. Open Device Manager and Click Update Driver.
Restart the PC.

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try this !

by alashhar In reply to XP Not Recognizing CD-Rom ...

I agree with ThumbsUp2 and Jacky Howe solutions; however I add one thing which try to update your windows.

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More common perhaps, but

by reisen55 In reply to XP Not Recognizing CD-Rom ...

If your system has two hard drives in it, check in control panel, Admin tools and drive manager to see if another hard drive letter is assigned and over-writing the natural drive letter of the cdrom itself. This is more common with usb key devices but it can be an issue.

And try another CDRom drive? Nothing says it is working anyway. Cheap enough.

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