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    XP & NT4 -slow opening files of NT4 Srvr


    by n.morrow ·

    60-80 user network – 2 * 2000 server and 1 Nt4 server

    My client is suffering exteremely slow opening and loading of excel files from NT4 server. His ,is the olny XP machine on the network – and the only one with this issue – a second XP unit was purchased – same issue. The issue does not always occur, and apparently is okay follwing a re-boot but will re-occur.

    SMB signing has beeen disabled on Domain Controller. autodisconnect has been disabled on the NT4 server.

    Latest windows updates have been applied.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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      Reply To: XP & NT4 -slow opening files of NT4 Srvr

      by yanhenrichon ·

      In reply to XP & NT4 -slow opening files of NT4 Srvr

      I experience the same problem here. I was wondering if it was my ethernet topology when someone at a branch office told me that she was experiencing the same problem but on a Token Ring topology. Those machines (14 XP, 2 NT4 and 6 2000) have their respective SP installed. My computer(XP) don’t have (for the debugging purpose)any patches or SP installed. It’s very frustrating and I really think that a Linux migration could be a solution.

      THX all.

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