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XP on Windows 2000 Domain

By jtwomey ·
I am wondering if anyone has had any problems with Windows XP clients running very slow on a Windows 2000 domain. I recently installed some XP clients for a customer on a w2k domain and the connctivity was extremely slow. Any suggestions.

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Services settings

by Deadly Ernest In reply to XP on Windows 2000 Domain

Had a problem like that in some lab set up trials somethings. We looked at what services were and weren't running and tweaked it some on both the clients and the server. Also changed from DHCP to WINS, improved one lab but not the other (never did find out why).

Best results we go was using a dynamic ip address on a tcp/ip network, with small to medium sub nets.

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by omie In reply to Services settings

You said that you "Also changed from DHCP to WINS, improved one lab but not the other (never did find out why)" Sorry I didn't see the relationship on that change. DHCP and WINS are different banana. It doesn't have a relationship. DHCP is just a way to address the node while wins is the naming convention. I could see the relationship between the WINS(Windows Internet Naming Service) and DNS (Domain Naming Service) but not the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

In the second paragraph you said that you are using dynamic ip address and that is dhcp services from the server. I think you are mixed up and you are confusing, better check your post and don't confuse newbie like me.

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Same traffic - different roads

by Deadly Ernest In reply to DHCP to WINS

Put simply, both DHCP and WINS work by you giving each computer a 'name' and then one of computers is set up to act as a server and assign IP addresses etc (it creates the list of which name to which address) to allow the computers to 'know' who is who. It should make no difference which system you are using, although Microsoft have touted that WINS is faster. Until this network testing in the college labs I had never seen a noticiable performance difference between the two. Each system was 46 machines connected to two 24 port switches linked together.

We changed the set up in each lab to be 4 sub-nets with a router between the switches, two subnets on each switch. The router provide dynamic tcp/ip address allocation for all four sub-nets. The networks just hummed along after that. BTW the router was introduced to provide ADSL connection, so we then segregated the 4 work teams into their own sub-nets.

We spent a long time trying to figure out why the performance differences between WINS and DHCP, but could find no logical reason. Ended up writting it off as a 'lose gremlin' in the network.

The improvement created by the introduction of the router and segregation was clearly due to reduced traffic flow in each segment andbetween switches, thus resulting in few collisions.

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XP slow on Win2k Domain

by pcjds In reply to XP on Windows 2000 Domain

I suggest you search in this forum for a multitude of solutions. We have had, and continue to have, the same problem running 24 pcs with XP and a Win2k server in a computer lab at school. It can take as long as 3 - 5 minutes to authenticate a user.

David Vener

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me too

by cmcdavid In reply to XP on Windows 2000 Domain

I am running XP on my computer on a W2K domain and it runs pretty slowly. My NIC card is constantly recieving packets. Take a look and let me know if that's the problem you are having too. I also have an ASUS motherboard w/ onboard NIC. I don't know if that makes a difference or not.
Let me know.

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hunch about this problem

by k_anderson In reply to me too

This is not a complete solution but might help some. First, in my situation I have xp clients and older win nt workstation clients. The win nt workstation clients work great, the xp clients are slow.
As I understand it, in an active directory domain, xp uses dns to resolve names, and nt uses netbios to resolve names.
With that in mind, this helped "some". I set the dns settings on the xp pro machines to point to the domain controller and only the domain controler.
Like I said, not happy with it yet, but it does help, and it does point to a direction for troubleshooting. Oh by the way my w2k server is an sbs server.

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