XP one-way ping - ping others are good, others can not ping XP

By wwleeva ·
Please help;
I can ping my test router from XP SP2, but can not ping from router to XP. (the other PC is running old Win2000, router can ping Win2000 no problem)
(1) Firewall is off
(2) Ethereal sees nothing from Router when ping from router to XP.
(3)Ethereal sees everything (all packets)when ping from XP to router

Some setting in XP must have blocked incoming

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Unless I'm VERY much mistaken ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to XP one-way ping - ping ot ...

Your router doesn't 'ping' anything - your computers do!

Maybe your install of Ethereal is to blame - it's also pretty old.

I thought it was now called WIRESHARK.

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XP one-way ping - ping others are good, others can not ping XP

by wwleeva In reply to XP one-way ping - ping ot ...

Thanks for the quick response.
(1) I downloaded and installed Wireshark in my XP, no difference; XP does not see any packet come in from router (via Ethernet in the same LAN)
(2) Ping from Win2000 (at the same LAN) to PC running XP, I an not able to get Reply from XP either.
(3) I use Ping to test connectivity between Router and PC ? I would like to find out what settings in XP blocks my Ping ( I can not get my SolarWinds Real-time NetFlow Analyzer in XP, I suspect is something in XP is blocking something comeing in ?)

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what router is it?

by BizIntelligence In reply to XP one-way ping - ping ot ...

What router is it?

Do you have any third party security software installed on XP?

You dont see any traffic coming from router to XP machine so two things can happen:

1. Router is not sending ICMP traffic via its ETH interface for that particular IP address (XP).
Is there any switch between router and PC?

2. Incoming ICMP traffic is getting blocked by XP machine before it can be read by network protocol analyzer.

Check ARP cache as well.

Cheers !

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Enable incoming ICMP echo requests....

by tmalo627 In reply to XP one-way ping - ping ot ...

Control Panel > Windows Firewall Properties menu > Advanced tab > Settings button in the ICMP section.... Make sure the top box for allow incoming echo request is checked.

Hope this helps.

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Windows firewall is off

by BizIntelligence In reply to Enable incoming ICMP echo ...

tmalo627 suggested to check for windows firewall setting "allow incoming echo request"

It makes sense to me. But does that setting matter when Windows Firewall is off?

Cheers !

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message from wwleeva

by BizIntelligence In reply to Windows firewall is off

Thanks for your time. I have a baic dumb hub connecting all three together so I can capture all packets from XP (WinXP, Win2000, and Cisco), IP Address are,, and, Cisco is the basic factory default configure.
(1)WinXP can ping Win2000 and Cisco
(2)Win2000 can ping Cisco, but failed to ping XP.
(3)Cisco can ping Win2000, but failed to ping XP.

I turned off XP Firewall, Window Update, and deleted/removed all Virus software in XP. remain the same failure.

I am looking for some commands, features,... which I can confirm what settings are blocking incoming packets to XP (traffics initiated/launched/go-out from XP work fine).

It could be your windows xp machine but it is worth to check router configuration as well.
Can you please paste your router running configuration?

Can you also please try removing router (so win2000, winXP and hub) and then try ping winXP from win2000?

Cheers !

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I find this to be the interesting part.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to message from wwleeva

.... "and deleted/removed all Virus software in XP"

How did s/he go about doing that? If done improperly, can leave the machine blocked.

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XP one-way ping - ping others are good, others can not ping

by wwleeva In reply to I find this to be the int ...

I really appreciate your help from all over the world!
(1) When I said "delete/remove all Virus Software", I meant "Uninstall" - such as Spybot, Avira AntiVir ...
After searching Internet, I found the notes about " McAfee Host Intrusion" can block incoming TCP/UDP, even it's disabled - if not logged in as admin ((I have McAfee running on a different XP).
(2) I went back to my test XP , I searched every VPN/Firewall related software, and, interesting enough, I found "AT&T Global Network Client (VPN)" has a setting for Firewall - even I did not launch this VPN Client - it's blocking outside traffics "quietly".
(3) After turning it off, all traffics started to flow both directions.
Lesson learned:
**** VPN Client software can have Firewall setting turn-on as default, which will block traffics "quietly" - even if you are not using it (and turn-off XP Firewall).
Once again, thank you all.

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Thanks...VPN Client Firewall was checked

by jeast3d In reply to XP one-way ping - ping ot ...

After reading this post, I found my Cisco VPN Client had a check mark next to the Stateful Firewall (Always On). Once I removed the check mark, I was able to ping my Windows XP wired desktop from my Windows XP wireless laptop over my home network (Cisco WRT310N). Thank you so much for the post. I was stumped on this for a looooong time! Cheers! - Jimmy

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