Xp OS Install Problems - Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Problems! help!

By p0qk ·
Okay so heres the deal,
I know for a fact its not problems with the reciever, or the keyboard, or the mouse.
I Installed a student version of xp that lasts for 120 days, wireless keyboard and mouse work perfectly fine all through cmos and all through the installation process and desktop environment.
I installed student version of server i had from school, same thing everything works fine!
I have tried to install 3 different full versions of xp... xp home, xp pro, xp pro corp. edt.'s...
But the same thing on every installation... the mouse and keyboard work at first, work as the setup is loading all the neccessary files, then as soon as it says...blahblah starting windows setup, and the screen is about to change to the partition chooser... all devices freeze, the lights on the reciever go out, and not even a corded mouse or keyboard will work. only a ps2 adapted keyboard... but that does me no good.
any effing clue at all to the way to fix this? i had them work when i first had them in xp home... so i know they should work on a full install and not just crappy student trials. im baffled. help in any way shape or form would be greatly appreciated!

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The 'trials' are probably more up-to-date than the full installs ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Xp OS Install Problems - ...

Therefore, being more modern, these trials will install as post-Service Pack 2, which included USB drivers.

You Full Installs are probably pre-SP2 and don't install USB support for the wired/wireless hardware.

After you have completed the installation, with a PS/2 adapted keyboard, you should then install SP2 to update the USB drivers for the more modern keyboard and mouse.

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by p0qk In reply to The 'trials' are probably ...

The trial versions i have do not include service pack 2 either though. I remember there being like 89 updates to do after a evaluation copy of xp was installed, 1 of them being service pack 2.
Also, My xp corp edition was completely up to date, had sp2 in it and was claimed to be the most up to date version of xp prior to the sp3 release.

So i dont think that could be it, although damn that was a pretty fast response thanks!

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If you can

by Jacky Howe In reply to Xp OS Install Problems - ...

install with the PS2 keyboard and then run your Motherboard CD to update all Device Drivers.

Another thing to try is just before it says starting windows setup keep pressing the Shift+F10 keys to open a command prompt. You dont have to do anything else just let it keep installing. Only picked that one up the other day not even sure if it works.

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Just a thought

by Jacky Howe In reply to If you can

have you tested the Keyboard and Mouse on another PC. How are the batteries holding.

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Well I think you'll find it's to do with the

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Xp OS Install Problems - ...

Keyboard & Mouse as there are no drivers installed. This was a very common problem with some Dell Desktop units that didn't come with PS2 support only USB keyboard/mouse. The moment that you tried to rebuild the system without the Dell Recovery Disc you couldn't.

As I use a M$ Wireless Mouse & Keyboard but they plug into PS2 not USB I know that they are perfectly available for the entire install of XP Pro Volume License Original as I bought a copy with 25 Licenses from M$ when XP first became available and I use that all the time now. I haven't bothered trying to install the Vista Volume License yet on anything more than a couple of Test Rigs for Testing.

It has to be your Keyboard & Mouse here so who made it? Have you looked on the Makers Web Site for a possible solution or Fix?


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by p0qk In reply to Well I think you'll find ...

okay so still have no luck, appreciate the responses. However for the last post, the wireless keyboard and mouse are M.s0ft made ;x
and the computer is a custom build, so its not a factory preloaded mobo. should be no restrictions like in your case i wouldnt think. im really getting pissed off though.

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But as the USB drivers are not loaded till after

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to damned

Windows is installed this has to be the issue. Just like as the Dell with no PS2 Ports it's impossible to load XP without the Dell Recovery Disc. It's still not possible to load a system with the USB Keyboard/Mouse.

Personally I've never been able to load any form of Windows with a USB keyboard/mouse and I'm surprised that you could but if you have one Copy loaded and you follow these directions with the Volume License Version I know that this works.

Though I'm still not sure that using a USB Keyboard/Mouse combo is the right way to install any form of XP as these devices where not available when this piece of software was released so its not supported.


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