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xp os wont load

By natural_koncept ·
Ok so a few days ago i was on the supraforums and i clicked a link for a video and then all of a sudden my screen gets lines in it and it freezes then trys to reboot my computer. so it does that for a few days every time i try to play a game or watch videos. now i tried to reinstall some other drivers on my nvidia geforce 5200 card. but that didnt work. i tried a digitally signed vers of them on my computer and it would do the same thing. then i tried ones that werent digitally signed and now my computer wont boot back up. i get to the windows loading screen and it go past it to a black screen and just sits there. whats the deal? any help would be great. thanks


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by wcp In reply to xp os wont load

Replace the video card.

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by Unidentified In reply to xp os wont load

boot to safe mode, uninstall the video card driver, restart, re-install driver

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by sgt_shultz In reply to xp os wont load

man, Media Center eh, who the heck knows? what sp you on? if not up to date, I'd try that and any drivers at MS I could find.
i would check this out at nvidia web site and/or computer mfg's website...
usually to me, that freezing, rebooting and lines on the screen sure sounds like RAM especially video RAM. could just be an awful coincidence and you have hardware failure...
you could try moving the graphics card and seeing if problem follows it..
1. wonder if your version of DirectX is supported by the version of the graphics driver you are using.
2. can you try a restore point from before this happened? (check it out, many restore points are created w/o you realizing it and you can always come back to this point (if you create one before you try this)

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

this is a good example of the many things that could go wrong and begs the question:
exactly how and on what and with what program are playing the videos/movies. (IOW, exact steps to reproduce the problem);en-us;887211
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 stops responding when you watch Live TV after you install a DivX-compatible player

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by natural_koncept In reply to xp os wont load

I cant reboot in safemode, when i try it freezes when i try to choose. I have the latest direct x and it has worked for quite a while.. Can i take ram from some other computer and try it in mine and see if i still have the problem? also I dont know what sp is? and i cant do a restore point because for somereason mine wasnt turned on.. I planed on buying a new video card on friday but if you guys think it could be ram i better make sure first. thanks for all the help.. any other suggestions would be great. thanks adam

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