XP partition failed, data partition full of valuables - help.

By Inky960 ·
What's the best way to retrieve the data (about 30 gigs!) from the \ partition of my main HDD, the C partition of which just failed, *totally*? The 0 drive is an 80 Gig, split more or less in half. Could I boot to some kind of floppy or CD, and from there maybe navigate to the partition? If so, what do I do once I've found my files? I don't have another PC, but I have a 20 Gig drive I'm not currently using.

Any tips greatly appreciated.


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by willcomp In reply to XP partition failed, data ...

Connect spare hard disk as slave and boot from UBCD4Win disk. It has its own file manager.

If drive has failed, BOTH partitions will be unreadable.

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I'll try, but...

by Inky960 In reply to UBCD4Win

As I stated in the first post, I don't have another PC, so downloading the UBCD4Win disk isn't possible here. I'll have to find someone with broadband and Nero (or something like it.)

You've probably told me what I wanted to know in the final line of your post: I think the HDD is D-E-A-D. As in worthless, throw-it-away. It's a 7-year-old Western Digital, worked perfectly, no noise, no odd behavior, I turned the system off for a couple of weeks (vacation), returned, and NADA. I don't recall whether it posted or not, but there came a message that there was a problem with my hard drive.

Boy, did they get that right.

But I didn't know that both partitions would *necessarily* be bad.

Still, I'll try this and the other suggestions. The data I stand to lose is worth crying over--ISO images, 5 gigs of documents, software, photos. Eee.



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Partition Table Doctor

by tt4ytt In reply to UBCD4Win

Partition Table Doctor can recover partitions and get everything back.

Partition Table Doctor is safe, only modifies partition table or boot sector, which means the software will never attempt to write to data area of, the drive you are want to recover. Please make sure to read the Step-by-Step Instructions.

I just had a partition go out, and found this software (v3.5), via google search or torrent. Once installed, the software recognized a failure of one of my partitions and told me what I needed to do on first start up. I did what it said, and rebooted the pc. Fixed.

Heavenly sent, and worth every penny.

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You don't say what happened

by ComputerCookie In reply to XP partition failed, data ...

when it failed! Does it POST, does it make a noise that is not normal?

If the computer POST's can you boot from the XP CD and go to repair and run "fixmbr" at the prompt?

More deatils please!

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Oops - you're right: here y'are.

by Inky960 In reply to You don't say what happen ...

In my reply to the previous post, I gave more details, but to reiterate, when I say it "failed," I mean it DIED. And there was no noise, not a clink or a ting. I tried to test the HDD with a boot floppy, but *my* boot disk wouldn't even recognize the drive. Since posting, I've used MadBoot and a Norton boot disk, neither of which recognized the drive.

WAIT! I just remembered: I'm 90% sure that during all this boot-disking, I *DID* see my \ partition! I took the slave drive out and re-did the jumpers to Master, so let me check that and get back to you folks.

It might be a couple days before I re-post, as I've gotta hit the road again, but I WILL check that once more. While I'm gone I'm going to buy another WD 80 Gig (It's a good old P4, no reason to chuck it.) If only there were some way to dump what's on the old disk onto the new...

Thanks for all your help - really.


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If the drive has died and gone to Silicon Heaven

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Oops - you're right: here ...

I don't fancy your chances of getting anything off it cheaply t will need to be sent to a Specialized data recovery house where they can read direct off the platters.

You said that it was a 80 GIG Drive roughly split in half with the Half you want caring about 30 GIG of Data. There is only 1 Drive here so if it's died it will affect both Partitions.

Personally I use Knoppix to access Data Drives that work and burn the Data Io Either DVD or CD Blanks depending on how much there i and how important it is. But they relies on the drive actually working if it doesn't I send the Drives away if the customer is prepared to pay for the recovery. Many Business are not and I have yet to run across any Domestic User who is willing to pay the costs of the recovery. :)



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by cholan41 In reply to XP partition failed, data ...

As per ur query ur is HDD IS working and MBR is failed ,if u hv xp boot cd? if not download xp boot iso image file from net and burn the image using nero and make a bootable cd, using this u boot ur system then u copy ur file to any USB mem Stick using DOS COMMAND if not possible for u , u no need c:\data u just format and install the os in C: Now u get all

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I'm trying...

by Inky960 In reply to boot


I've responded to most of your suggestions in the previous posts, and I thank you very much for your help. I'm not sure what "XP boot CD" you mean. And downloading anything right now is problematic, as I have no other computer. I'll get to another PC as soon as possible, but now I'm pressed for time (work).

By "mem stick" are you talking about a flash drive? This is 30 gigs of data - and my flash drive holds only 1 gig, but I suppose I could do it slowly but surely that way.

I have some experimenting to do (see last post) - I'll re-post in a couple of days. Thanks again for the help.


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Do you have a copy of XP or a restore disk?

by ComputerCookie In reply to I'm trying...

If you have an XP disk you can boot from it and reinstall xp without losing your data, you need instructions on how to do this.

I can't be sure but all the restore disks format the drive.

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What, exactly, is the drive failure message? <nt>

by seanferd In reply to XP partition failed, data ...

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