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xp pro

By cliff1959 ·
i have recently bought a valid copy of xp pro and was wondering if i could install the same copy onto another computer on my mini home network and beable to get the windows update without the validation failing... please help

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by wlbowers In reply to xp pro

You can install it. But as soon as you try to authorize it, it will tell you the number of users has been exceeded.

Unless they have changed it you can get certain updates without authorization.

Reguardless of what you can download it will time out in 30 days unless it is authorized.

And it is gonna bug the crap out of you to authorize.

Good Luck


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to xp pro

Technically no!

But if you have identical Hardware on two or more computers you can fool MS Activation and install the same copy of Windows on several computers just don't activate them all at once but spread the activation out over a few weeks.

If you do that it is Blatant ignoring and actually breaking MS's EULA which leaves you in the position of being prosecuted by MS if they feel like it and it is worth their while. If they are not interested in suing you they can always demand the return of the original CD and that you wipe it off all computers that it is installed upon as you don't actually own the Software you have only bought the right to use it on one computer and with XP Pro that computer can have 2 CPU's and still work. But you can not install it on two different CPU/M'Board combinations and remain legal.


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