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XP Pro 64bit

By wayne ·
Have a few problems with my home system as far as 64bit compat. goes and the most annoying I really need an answer to is the Explorer "Default" in Outlook Express.

It seems at desktop the default browser is the 32bit version which has all the addons of old, BUT the 64bit version has little or no support as far as realpayer and a LOT of the online movies/animation players goes.

A lot of my emails are to sites with sample movies/reviews etc.

At the moment I have to load the pages and open the Desktop (32bit) explorer, then cut and paste the link to read the pages properly!

In short (yeah I know "at last!")
How do I change the default browser being loaded by Outlook Express to the 32bit version instead?



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Simple answer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to XP Pro 64bit

Wipe the HDD and install the 32 Bit version of XP Pro.

Consider yourself very lucky if you found drivers for all your hardware as generally speaking most people are unable to achieve even this amount of usability. The biggest problems occur when you attempt to attach printers and very few printers have 64 Bit Windows Drivers and there are currently no Scanners available that have these.

You Can Not install the 32 Bit version of IE on to the 64 Bit Windows Platform as it doesn't support 32 Bit Software. I've got 2 copies of the 64 Bit XP Pro that have been given to me by M$ and I've yet to find any use for them.

If you want to use a working 64 Bit OS that really works well I recommend SUSE 10 as it's excellent but works better with an AMD CPU.


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32 bit IE

by wayne In reply to Simple answer

Well I can only say that I own this beasty and it in fact DOES HAVE a 32bit version in the start menu that is fully compatible.
(the problem with the 64bit vers. is as I think I originally outlined, NO ADDONS for almost ANY animators/movie-players etc.)

I was just wondering how I go about making sure that Outlook is actually calling this version and NOT the 64bit one.

Yes I know about the printer support and scanner issue's but my older P4 3.4 is networked as a standby for these problems.

As it stands this is really my only issue as I get a great deal of satisfaction out of this PC otherwise. I guess having to hand start IE7 32bit is more a Niggle

Thanks for the info though.

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