XP Pro after reinstalled with formatting does not recognize anything

I was virus attacked to the blue screen, went to the xp pro cd that came with my computer and reboot and reinstalled my xp pro, now its like a brand new computer but it does not recognize the sound card, audio video, does not even have the LAN-INTERNET icon to set up internet. What do I do? besides I have a secon hard drive for back up (of course I did not backed up my docs because it was supposed to be automatic, now, how do I get my docs form the other hard drive?

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You need drivers.

by OnTheRopes In reply to XP Pro after reinstalled ...

Usually, when buying new, you'll get a drivers disk with your computer. Some manufacturers even offer drivers for download on their websites. <br>
It would be much easier to help you if you posted the make and model of your computer.

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Thank you here is my make and model

by USAKONCEPTS In reply to You need drivers.


The cd's I got most are for office 03, sonic record and works 8.5. that is it.

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by patb071 In reply to Thank you here is my mak ...

Go to Link below and select the plus sign to the drivers you need. then download the drivers and run them. Wait to boot until you have all them installed.


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Have a look for the OTHER cd that came with your computer.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to XP Pro after reinstalled ...

That'll be the one that contains the specific drivers for your (so far unmentioned) computer model.

It might be called "Drivers" or "System" or it might bear the name of the manufacturer of the motherboard.

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Thx. system info

by USAKONCEPTS In reply to Have a look for the OTHER ...

Version: 5.1.2600 Service pack 2
Sys Type: X86 based-pc
(2) Processor: x86 Family 15 model 6 stepping 4 genuineintel ~2992

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Old Docs

by patb071 In reply to XP Pro after reinstalled ...

how do I get my docs form the other hard drive?

Sorry a format would wipe the hard drive and you would lose all documents. Next time you try doing something you don't know what your doing read the pop-ups it would of said something like, reformatting will cause you to lose all your data.
Of course you could always ship the hard drive out and pay a nice fee to have some of your data recovered

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Erm - the OP mentioned having a SECOND HDD ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Old Docs

I think the question was "how to recover the backed-up docs" - not the ones that existed before the reformat.

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If your 'second HDD' is a physical unit (NOT a partition) ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to XP Pro after reinstalled ...

Then you may well be in luck.

If the second HDD was simply a partition on your system disk, then you may have lost it during the reinstall, as it would have been over-written.

If it IS another physical HDD, then after your reinstall you would have to access whatever backup software that was used to generate the backups, in order to be able to identify the backup files (they might have a file extension that is unreadable under normal conditions).

Or you could start Word then import your DOC files from wherever they are stored. Once you have identified where they exist, you can simply copy the entire directory contents back into your normal DOC directory.

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