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XP Pro and Win2k server Group policy

By Solitary_06 ·
I have a small network: Windows 2k server as domain controller, windows 2k pro workstations, and windows xp pro workstations. I am having problems applying Group policy settings to my Windows Xp Pro workstations. The group policy apply to the windows 2k professional workstation without any problems. The XP workstation on the other hand the policy don't apply. Installtion packages, removing icons from desktop, etc...
Nothing works! Anybody with similar issue or solutions?

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XP Pro and Win2k server Group policy

by MachineType In reply to XP Pro and Win2k server G ...

Try this...The RSoP Snap?in lets you verify policies in effect for a given user or computer, a benefit that allows administrators to quickly assess configurations throughout an organization. RSoP is fully remotable, which means administrators can direct the snap?in to check policies for any computer or user on a domain.

To run the RSoP Snap?in

As Administrator, logon to your domain using Windows XP.
Click Start, Run, and type MMC. The Microsoft Management Console appears.
On the File menu, click Add/Remove Snap?in. When the Add/Remove Snap?in dialog box appears, click Add.
In the Available Standalone Snap-ins dialog box, select Resultant Set of Policy and click Add.
When the RSoP wizard welcome page appears, click Next. When the Mode Selection page appears, click Next.
When the Computer Selection page appears, you can browse for the computer for which you want to display settings. Otherwise the wizard will check RSoP for the computer on which it is being run. Click Next.
When the User Selection page appears, you can choose which user you wish to view policy settings for. Click Next.
When the Summary of Selections page appears, click Next. The wizard should reach the completion page. Click Finish. Close the Add Stand alone Snap in dialog box.
On the Add Remove Snap in dialog box, click OK. RSoP results should appear in the console.
You can expand the policy tree in the left pane and navigate to any of the policies that are in effect for the target user.

Also check out this link on trouble shooting and implementing GPO's:

(Remember to remove any spaces after pasting in your address bar)

If none of this helps post back as to your specific configuration, what computers are in what OU's and do you have the same GPO's on these OU's.

Hope this helps...


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XP Pro and Win2k server Group policy

by Solitary_06 In reply to XP Pro and Win2k server G ...

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by tlath1972 In reply to XP Pro and Win2k server G ...

make sure you are logged onto the domain and not just logged on locally. Then set up a new user and set a policy and log on as the new user. If that works delete the other profile locally.

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by webberpeter In reply to XP Pro and Win2k server G ...

I am having the same problem... Did you ever get a solution?

Please email me --

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