XP Pro Boot Up

By john.1phillips ·
Why does my system require me to hot F1 every time I restart or boot up

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Flat CMOS battery?

by robo_dev In reply to XP Pro Boot Up

is the message you see generated by the PC hardware? (e.g. configuration invalid, press f1 to boot)

There's a coin shaped battery that helps the PC to remember what it's got, and if that battery has died, the PC forgets everything and requires you to confirm that with an F1 press.

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F1 Boot XP Pro

by john.1phillips In reply to Flat CMOS battery?

I have a wireless KB & Mouse which on boot does not get any response from F1, but I connect a wired KB and off she goes. Weird or what. After that the wireless KB is fine and communicates well.
Continuity test on battery is good.

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RE Continuity test on battery is good

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to F1 Boot XP Pro

The Voltage Test on this is more important. If there is no voltage there the Real Time Clock and CMOS Chip is not powered while the system is turned off. If this is a Custom Build it is also possible that the CMOS Clear Jumper is set to Clear and needs to be reset to Run to provide power to the CMOS Chip.

USB Keyboards Drivers are not loaded till Windows is open and loaded so they are not suitable to use to get into anything that is required before Windows Opens. If you need to do things before Windows opens use a PS2 Keyboard as the drivers for this are loaded immediately you apply power. Even a Wireless PS2 Keyboard will work in this manner. but any form of USB Keyboard will never work till the OS is loaded enough to install the USB Drivers.


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Keyboard absents detection

by wrleeii In reply to F1 Boot XP Pro

Some BIOSs look for a keyboard before starting... if a keyboard is not found or an odd signal from the keyboard is detected at startup, then it detects the problem and asks to hit the F1 key (ironic, huh?). Anyway, I've been able to disable this check in the BIOS settings so that it does not stop when an error is detected. (This was added once mfgrs found out that a lot of organizations were running their machines without a keyboard or monitor attached--operated via remote control).


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F! Boot

by john.1phillips In reply to Keyboard absents detectio ...

Thanks for all your help guys, the issue is now resolved haveing dealt with the BIOS issue.

Many Thanks.
John Phillips.

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Your Welcome <NT>

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to F! Boot
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Try going into the BIOS

by Jacky Howe In reply to XP Pro Boot Up

and save the settings on exit.

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