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XP Pro boots 5 min

By piokab ·
How can I find out why it take almost 5 min to boot XP pro. I have Pentium4 3.2 GHz, 1 Gig RAM, was not like this earlier. Any comments will be appriciated.

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lots of stuff.

by NZ_Justice In reply to XP Pro boots 5 min

Disk speed effects loading time, you HDD could be massivly fraged so defrag it. If you have installed lots of applications that perform post boot operations, this coul dbe effecting your loading time, type "msconfig" in the run dialog box to see what is running at startup, security policy registry changes on startup also slow loading time download the app "hijackthis" and remove evil reg settings. You could have a virus, maleware,spyware on your system, use spybot serach and destroy and destroy and your virus scanner,get AVG if you don't have one, use these tools in safe mode and find and remove any and all virus spyware and other evilware.

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Just a thought

by Aled In reply to XP Pro boots 5 min

Just as a thought, did you previously have any mapped drives set up, which were previously connected, but are no longer available? If so, boot up your PC (waiting the obligatory 5 mins, open up 'My Computer' and delete the mapped drives. See how you get on with that.

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