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xp pro, click on icon and freeze

By RG11 ·
I have XP Pro, SP2. When I click on an desktop icon the system will freeze. When I try to explore it will freeze. I have to use task manager to open up programs. I suspect a virus, does this sound like any symptoms of any particular ones..
Did an online virus scan and came up with nothing.
This machine has cable internet with no virus protection.. real nice...any help for my friend..

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by pierrejamme In reply to xp pro, click on icon and ...

Probably viruses and Spyware galore.
Get stinger first at:
or dos trial version of nod32 at: .
Turn off system restore and get rid of the viruses if any.Click Start > right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
Click the System Restore tab.
Select the "Turn off System Restore" check box and then click OK.
Click Yes when you receive the prompt to the turn off System Restore.

After you are virus free then attack SpyWare.
For the Spyware/Malware the two best Free scanners are AdAware SE at:
And Spybot Search & Destroy version 1.3 at:
After Installing each check for updates before proceeding. Both have several cool tricks, Adaware has a custom search that can search your Hosts file and your archived files as well. Spybot S&amp has an new program called TeaTime that doesn't install by default you have to check the box when you are installing. SPybot S&amp also has an Immunization program.

When you are all clean, get the free ZoneAlarm 4.54 at:
Good Luck

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by willcomp In reply to xp pro, click on icon and ...

Excellent advice from pierrejamme above.

An additional recommendation:

Start PC in safe mode. Disable system restore. Disable startup items using msconfig. Starting in safe mode should prevent most of the nasties from loading.


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by willcomp In reply to

Since you have XP, download Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta at

I have used it on several highly infected systems lately and it has done a credible job. Will also allow you to easily restore IE defaults and effectively intercepts browser hijackers.

As with any adware/spyware program, it doesn't get everything but comes closer than any other free program I've used. Run at least Spybot in addition. I also use Ad-Aware SE as well.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to xp pro, click on icon and ...

it sounds more like spyware to me also. when did this crop up? well, just 2 more cents. try another mouse? if other stuff doesn't previously said boot into safe mode and be unconnected from the internet while you try to clean up the spyware

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by RG11 In reply to xp pro, click on icon and ...

I did another virus scan from safe mode and found a few viruses. Still cant click on desktop icons/drives/control panel with out freezing hourglass. I can in safe mode. When starting internet explorer the address will come up aboutblank. and in the search bar it will prefill with like viagra or spam, and odd things like that.

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by RG11 In reply to xp pro, click on icon and ...

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