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XP Pro, Customization, Store User Profiles on data server, without domain

By redhat ·
I am looking for recommendations on how best to do this.

In a small company without a domain (just a workgroup), I would like to store each users profile data on a central computer (like a data storage computer - but not technically a "server"). My reason is to be able to backup all their settings each night, and to have a quick way to restore their profile if their machine dies.

I have read and figured out how to do this by editing the registry key UserShellFolders. I don this while logged in as the administrator, not the user.

However, when I change all keys to the UNC path, it doesn't work. It acts like it can't find the profile on the LAN and it loads the default profile.

But when I only change certain keys like DESKTOP, PERSONAL, COOKIES, etc. it works ok.

Keys like LOCAL SETTINGS, CACHE, and others cause an error after login because it claims it can't find the user profile across the LAN.

I would like answers on why it doesn't work when all keys are changed, and I would also like advice and recommendations if there is a better way to do this?

If and when they upgrade to a domain controller, are their profiles stored on the DC automatically, or would I want to do this also on a domain?

Thanks for your help.

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try SAN

by dawgit In reply to XP Pro, Customization, St ...

I think I've seen some ref. to this from MS. It should work if you have a SAN. Direct open LAN will be too hard for a MS OS to get the info it needs. (MS must have a structure) Set yourself up a SAN, it's not that expensive now anyway, and a good investment, as you'll use it for other files and Data. Then just locate your settings there. The MS OS-XP should be able to retrieve the info from that.

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where do I buy a SAN?

by redhat In reply to try SAN

What is a storage area network and how do i buy one or set one up?

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Search TR, HERE:!

by dawgit In reply to where do I buy a SAN?

There are a lot of articles here on TR about SANs. As fopr the Hard-ware, just about anywhere now, and the costs are not that high either. But before you buy anything, get some up-to-date info. I can't garuantee it WILL work, but it is one sugesstion that could work.

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Storage Area Network

by santhana In reply to where do I buy a SAN?

Open Systems Model for Networked Storage

Enhanced Storage Management Flexibility to add or reconfigure storage as needed without downtime

Independent Scaling of CPU and Storage capacity

De-couples servers and storage so that either can be scaled separately

Easy Migration Current applications run without software changes Incremental deployment allows flexible adoption

You can Search Storage Systems - From Vendors like HP, Hitachi, EMC, NetApp & SUN.

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leaving profile local, backup copy to server on logout

by redhat In reply to XP Pro, Customization, St ...

I recvd some advice on another board that said it was best to leave the profile local, and then run a script at logoff to copy the profile to the server for backup.

however, I don't know where to put the script to backup, and can I just do a robocopy of everything under the documents and settings folder for the current user?

and what if the person doesn't log off regularly? i.e. they keep that damn profile logged in all the time? can the script be set to run everynight at midnight, even if the user is still logged in, or will their login status prevent some of the files from being copied?

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