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xp pro - file sharing problems

By FlemmingInc. ·
Hello :)

I'm having problems with local file sharing on 2 xp pro machines on a small workgroup network (app. 15 machines - a good mix of nt4, w98 w2k and xp).
PC1 (xp pro) is sharing a "local folder".
PC1 has a mounted network drive X:\"local folder" wich contains some ms-access .mdb files.
PC2 (xp pro) has the same network drive X:\PC1\"local folder".
This works fine when the PC's boot up and when accessing the share for the first time. But after a while, often (but not allways) after accessing the share a second time, PC2 freezes up and cannot regain access to X:. And what's even more surprising is that PC1 ALSO looses its access to X: (wich is on it's own harddrive!).
...any suggestions?


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Setup W2K Svr or Linux Samba svr

by sumitch72 In reply to xp pro - file sharing pro ...


You didn't mention whether you had any domain controller like NT svr/W2K Svr/W2K3.

Most probably the problem is Windows desktop versions allows upto 10 sharing in one go. And the access is first come first serve basis. So once you cross that limit the remaining workstations does not allowed to access the file sharing PC.

The solution is to put a NT/W2k Server as file server in your network with 15 CAL (Client Access licences). Or if you are conversent with linux then setup a samba server.


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no samba and no domain contoller

by FlemmingInc. In reply to Setup W2K Svr or Linux Sa ...

Thank for your intelligent answer:)
Unfortunately there is no Samba and no domain ctrl. - it's just a workgroup, and I doubt very much that more than 10 machines are trying to access the sare.
I didn't mention that sometimes the xp pro machines freeze up when trying to transfer files from or to another pc on the LAN...

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Just Checking

by steve11554 In reply to xp pro - file sharing pro ...

You have on each PC a local user account w/ password for the other pc's account. Can you ping by name. If not add a host's file entry.

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