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XP Pro in 2K active dir domain.

By sbruchesky ·
My Sys. Admin has requested that I research this and find a hack or fix. So, I really need help!

Basically, we have a Win2K domain. Most of our workstations are Win2K also, however recently we've rolled out a handful of XP Pro's, with the intent of upgrading little by little.

JDE's One World application is non-certified for XP, and therefore requires an administrator to install and update. We want the user to be able to perform their own updates, however, because they are not local admins, they cannot do this. Even as Power Users. It only works if they are included in Local Admins, and my Sys Admin does not want them to have this permission.

I've been told this is a known issue in XP/2K and there is a fix/hack.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Please?

Thank you.

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by curlergirl In reply to XP Pro in 2K active dir d ...

This is one of those things that is not a bug but a feature. The issues are the same with WinXP as they are with Win2K - the system security is designed to prevent as much as possible unauthorized installation of programs and writing to certain parts of the registry. It really doesn't have anything to do with being "XP certified" or not, it's just a security feature built into the operating system. As such, you should think very carefully before you attempt to bypass it.

That said, if you want to bypass this, you can, but you basically have to know which registry keys are read and written to when the program runs. If you can find this out, then you can log on as a local administrator and edit the registry permissions to give Power Users Modify or Full Control rights to the specific registry keys that the program uses without disturbing the security of the rest of the registry. Like any other registry hack, this can be dangerous and have unexpected implications, so you have to be careful and know what you're doing. Also, be sure you back up the registry before you start making any changes so that you can restore it to its former state in case of a crash.

Another caveat is that even though you think you have all the necessary information, with 3rd party programs you can't always be certain. The best thing to do, if you can get their cooperation, is to talk to the software manufacturer to see if they can assist you in identifying the rights needed by the users.

Hope this helps!

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by tlath1972 In reply to XP Pro in 2K active dir d ...

you can put the people into a group policy and create an msi package and set it to instal on first use or when needed.

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