XP pro - now quirky on ThinkPad T60p

By etopt ·

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XP Pro problem

by avlwiz In reply to XP pro - now quirky on Th ...

Have you tried doing a system restore?

You can go back in time and sometimes that works fine.
system tools
system restore

Select a time prior to your problem.

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Reponse To Answer

by etopt In reply to XP Pro problem

Um. Cannot open anything -- Start, yes ..... other stuff, no. See my #4:
4. Win XP appears to load properly BUT nearly all program icons would not completely load - generic icons Except a few PDFs on desktop, IE 8 and Google, and Tune-Up. Tried start-menu same icons. Could not open programs; tried right-click but no properties.

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Reponse To Answer

by greatnewproducts In reply to XP Pro problem

@avlwiz person stated does NOT have disks... Kind of hard to do system restore without them.

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Reponse To Answer

by avlwiz In reply to XP Pro problem

greatnewproducts : you don't need disks to do a system restore. It can be done from normal startup, safe mode or safe mode with command prompt. Look it up.

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system disks

by PurpleSkys In reply to XP pro - now quirky on Th ...

most likely can be ordered straight from Lenovo...there's no hidden partition with a restore partition is there? Have you tried running all your scans in safe mode as well?

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I would say....

by greatnewproducts In reply to XP pro - now quirky on Th ...

You are pretty much doomed... M$ gears their "updates" towards new(er) PC's/Laptops... They could care less about old(er) equipment, let alone XP. What I tell people that I help, is that their computer will eventually crawl to a halt or just plain not work altogether. If you can get a hold of the disks, or just an OEM version of XP, repair the XP install, and forget about the 20,000(or so) updates. Granted, they are needed mostly for security, but they will eventually cripple your equipment.

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Restore Point

by MyaBrainHertz In reply to XP pro - now quirky on Th ...

1. Restart the computer pressing F8.
2. Select Safe Mode
3. Select Help and Support
4. Search to "Restore Point"
5. Select Restore from a date (you'll have to look around for a date prior to the computer going wonky.)
6. Wait until it finalizes, the computer will restart. Should be alright.
7. Go to www, and the T60 site, download all the updates from there.
8. If you don't already have one, add a second user, elevate to "admin," change user to 2nd user, change your original user to limited. This way you have access to all your bookmarks, files, etc. Don't surf unsafely. Install malware detector (freeware).

No problems with all XP updates. Have 5 Lenovo X60 tablets, runs windows fine with additional software downloads from lenovo. NEVER, NEVER surf as an admin. Sounds like you are infected.

Don't need to buy recovery disks this way.

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Trinity Rescue Disk & Ubuntu

by johnmalaney In reply to XP pro - now quirky on Th ...

The trinity rescue Disk is a bootable linux Cd with a stack of utilities aimed at helping recover unbootable Windows machines. It can be used to sort out disk partition problems as well as remove viruses'etc.It does rely ion you being able to boot from a cd or USB memory stick
If nothing else works and you dont want to pay for Windows Media then you could move to ubuntu. I've done that with an acer netbook with libre office and firefox and its perfect for browsing and casual work. You can either build a bootable usb memory stickpen drive or download the install ISO to a CD. If the laptop can boot from a usb stick then you can try unbuntu in before you ovewrite the hard drive by running the live edition from the stick.

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ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery

by Deerhaven01 In reply to XP pro - now quirky on Th ...

A really nice feature of IBM/Lenovo machines is the inclusion of their ThinkVantage Rescue & Recovery. This tool makes scheduled disk images and can be accessed at boot up prior to going into Windows if you need to restore to a prior version of your OS. There's a simple set it/forget process initially. Once you do have a problem the interface is quite intuitive. I like to muck around w my machine (actually the company's machine) and this has saved me from having to call the IT guys a couple of times. If you had that program running you should be able to restore from that. Good luck!

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XP pro - now quirky on ThinkPad T60p

by etopt In reply to XP pro - now quirky on Th ...

Thanks all! RE your suggestions -
- I've already tired some before posting
- some I cannot try as they are disabled
- some I can't wait to try this weekend.

I'll let you know which (if) they worked.

Thanks again !!!!

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