XP Pro OEM to XP Pro Volume License without reinstall

By tcatella ·
We have a XP Pro Volume license and a previous image of a XP Pro OEM that we did sysprep on. We now have new machines with Vista Business that we are going to continue the XP Pro rollout because of other proprietary software not being Vista compatible. I would prefer not to start a new image from scratch with the Volume License CD, however I will if needed.
Is there a way to go around a reinstall?

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Did you ever resolve this?

by bjvaughan In reply to XP Pro OEM to XP Pro Volu ...

I am running into the same issue. Did you ever resolve this?

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To the best of my knowledge

by Dumphrey In reply to Did you ever resolve this ...

you will need a new image. The XP Pro and XP Pro Vol are on different key algorithms and as such will not recognize as valid keys from the other "set".

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You are better off with

by IC-IT In reply to Did you ever resolve this ...

a clean image anyways. The old image would have been built with a different chipset. A repair would work, but then you still need to reapply all updates. You may also need to fix the windows update problem that often comes after a Repair install.

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the answer to your questions is simple

by MASTERPICEUSA1 In reply to You are better off with

it did take me a while to unravel it as I found myself in the same predicament.
I purchased the first Edition XP Corporate when it first came out for 500 from Microsoft years ago..
Ever since then I had many questions.
something else came with it.
A full version of Office XP corp and a License checker.
and Keyer.
first I thought their was some kind of mix up.
I know a lot of people in Microsoft and they relayed a lot of info to me about the company.
first I would like to say keep an eye on Microsoft press,
some times their are things hidden in the middle of the book's that should not be.
like for one complete ID badges and other vital info.
what I was told in part is there are a lot of disgruntled staff.
rather than steal from their employer, they do things like slip in extra software that is not suppose to be taken out of the company.
and the plant in Puyallup, Wa.
were they print the labels some good stacks find there way in to the trash bins for pick up later on.
and things find there way out of Redmond as well.
and some developers lose sight of their work at home to traffic in and out.
the fix for xp is as follows.
get your self a xp pro oem disc, that is a corporate version of xp.
as is All media center pro.
you do not want anything higher than SP1.
get a copy of whit cannon wipe drive,
wack the drive or all drives.
after install, put in MSI 3.1.
then DotNet 2.0.
you have to build the thing pice by pice in this order or some things won't work later when you need them.
now your ready for SP2 and dot net 3.0 0r 3.5.
and the 4.0 installer.
that is how it is done.
and if your putting it on multiple machines, you will have to change the SID using New SID from Microsoft..
and change your serial number using Magic Jelly Bean.
and your good to go.
in my next post I will tell how to take an Illegal copy of XP and Legalize it.
and if you have one of those 8 in 1 or ten in one cd's how to make it legal.
and more.

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DIE you little scrote!!!

by OldER Mycroft In reply to the answer to your questi ...
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Why do you feel compelled to

by IC-IT In reply to the answer to your questi ...

Raise a Zombie thread, paste anothers answer without giving credit, answer a question that was already answered?

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