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By Regulus ·
User has Compaq EVO Laptop. Original software has been totally removed and Win XP Pro Installed. System is set up to function in both English and Korean. User has only one profile.
ISSUE: User attempted to change Win XP Pro log on password. New password was not accepted by system. User attempted three other passwords which were not accepted. User then stopped trying and shut down unit. On restart, system would not accept any password.
I attempted every possible combination of the original and four failed passwords without success.
There was really no critical info on unit except for tweaked language capabilities. Advised user to format and re-install.
USER brought to Comp USA. Same results.
User got some kind of contact referral that we have not been able to re contact. USER states that lady turned the unit on, hit a few keys and the unit was up and running normal.
Anybody have any ideas as to how this was accomplished?

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