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XP Pro Performance Problems

By suresh.maslamoney ·
I have a 2 year old celeron 1.7 GHz Processor, 512 RAM, 80 GIG Hard Drive and XP Pro. Over the last 3 months the performance of this PC slowly degraded. I've tried almost everything to speed up the PC without any success, (even formatting and reinstalling the OS).
It takes about 15/20 seconds just to open windows explorer.....and cannot run more than one application (email and word)at a time
any suggestions?

There are no problems on the hardware all seem operational
Only win XP Pro and Office XP is installed

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by MSteffan In reply to XP Pro Performance Proble ...

Chances are you have some spyware. If all you did was 'reinstall' windows as opposed to formatting and doing a clean install, the spyware will remain. There are two free ones that should help. One is called Spybot Search and Destroy. The other is called ad-aware. Both can be found on Run both of them as each is better at certian things than the other. Run each one several times to insure they remove as much as possible. A lot of times the program will tell you that some can't be removed because they are 'in use' and you need to run a scan when you reboot (before the spyware can re-install itself) Allow it to do this.

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by MSteffan In reply to

oh, sorry - I just saw that you said you formatted. It is possible your memory is bad. If you have more than one memory module (and not Rambus) try removing one of them as a test. If it does not help - replace the one you removed with the other one and see if that makes any difference

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by BFilmFan In reply to XP Pro Performance Proble ...

In addition, check the BIOS settings and see if your hard disks are SMART capable and it is turned on. I've had this issue in the past myself, where the disks were not taking full advantage of the buffer.

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by rindi1 In reply to XP Pro Performance Proble ...

Just a suggestion, deinstall the SP2 (via control panel, Add/Remove Programs) and check if the system is still slow. I've had a similar Problem with one XP Pro machine and SP2, on all others SP2 worked fine.

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by wlbowers In reply to XP Pro Performance Proble ...

Turn off indexing of the hard drive.

Right click on the drive icon in my computer and get properties. Uncheck the box and apply to all files and folders.

At some point if it says it can't click ok and go on.

Make sure the video driver is correct and up to date.

Good Luck Lee

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by Troynux In reply to XP Pro Performance Proble ...

I would think you have one of two issues.
(1) your processor is overheating. if performance it ok at first but quickly slows, this is likely the problem, pet hair and dust clog your heatsink, or fan has seized up, causing processor to slow or even stops thinking to prevent damage from overheating.
(2)you have sp2 installed, sp2 will make even a capable machine nearly worthless. I think MS does this on purpose to make you want a new latest OS machine. But more and more software requires it, so puts you between a rock in a hard place, best bet is reformat with out sp2 and use 3 party browser like firefox that keeps securely updated without crippling your computer.
Hope this helps you. Troy

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