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XP Pro Reboot loop XP Pro CD,too

By sp4ce9 ·
Initially I was able to install Win XP pro fine. I went through the normal installation process and performed a complete Windows Update with a few "recommended" updates left out. The system works fine for a few hours then blue screens, and goes into a reboot loop. At This point I reformat the HD and perform another clean install. The same problem occurs after Windows Update and a few other program installs. (Did not reboot at the same point as it did in previous installation.) At this point I changed out my HD from a Seagate ST330610A to a Western Digital WD200 (I know it is old hardware but it is all I have.) I attempt to boot off of the CD to perform a clean install on this HD (has old XP Pro install from old system) and I get a blue screen and a reboot loop. The WD HD works in my old system just fine, but not in this one. I changed out the memory in the system and get the same problem. I have a CPU fan rated for my AMD XP 3200+ and it is installed correctly. I have disconnected all prif's. except HD, video card, and CD-Rom/CD-RW/DVD-Rom combo. I have an Enermax E325P-VE power sup. My motherboard is a GA-7NNXP from Gigabyte. I am stumped that the system would install fully then reboot loop, and now I can?t even boot from the CD. I don?t have much $$ otherwise I would just begin to replace the hardware to isolate the problem. It seems to me now it is a Hardware issue and not software. Any Ideas?

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by LMon In reply to XP Pro Reboot loop XP Pro ...

I would start off by removing anything that is extra for example video card, sound card, network cards. Install only one stick of and check to seeif the problem happens again if not add another stick. And keep adding until the problem replicates. Then you know what is causing the problem.

Or you can check to see what the error code is do a google search and most like you will find your problem or you can check\support enter the code number and the will be able to id the problem for you.

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by dmiles In reply to XP Pro Reboot loop XP Pro ...

Windows XP has a error check that will cause the system to reboot,the loop happens when the error is not fixed.

Try starting over by using the original drive and all the hardware,download hardware drivers to support XP,using a Windows 98 startup disk,boot system at command prompt type fdisk,delete all partitions

Partition and Format the drive,now reboot and run the install process to XP,if this is successful,and you get the reboot and startup use the f8 key to boot to safe mode

Open Device Manager and check for exclamation marks,troubleshoot the system also install all updated drivers from device manager update.
Hope this helps

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by chris In reply to XP Pro Reboot loop XP Pro ...

Try putting the original HD back in and booting up while hitting F8, and selecting enable boot logging. This log might provide some additional information on why your machine is rebooting.


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by sp4ce9 In reply to XP Pro Reboot loop XP Pro ...

Thanx guys for all the Tips. I have already tried to reboot into safe mode with the old HD but still get the reboot loop. I also failded to mention (sory) in the previouse thread that when I first built the system, I configured the system normaly and it was stable for 4 days. I was able to play Battlefield 1942, and check email and all the other normal things one would do with their computer. I will take dmiles advice and start the install with the 98 boot disk, I have done that before. Thanx guys, I will rate the answers when I test it out again.

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