XP Pro SP2 Set up - Can't cancel

By rlyden ·
I have a legal copy of XP Pro SP2 which is backed up onto a hard drive. During my latest move I can't find the original. My son in law started to reinstall on a crashed disk. He was able to make a copy of the 'disk' onto a CD. But, we can't find the original keycode. Now, it's stuck halfway through and won't let me use a new legal CD. Unless I can come up with the key code I can't move forward. And, unless I can either move ahead with the keycode or cancel it... the Full copy can't take its place. How do I A) find the original key code, or B) cancel the install in progress and install from the new disk with a keycode?

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by ewpfaffly In reply to XP Pro SP2 Set up - Can't ...

Sometimes if you have have an oem computer the manufacturer will put a sticker on the computer tower which has the Product Key on it. Also there are computer programs available on the internet which will search out your product key for you. Free downloads are out there if you search. If you work in an office type enviroment where there are older computers that are no longer in use you could look on the old machines that have xp and get the Key from the sticker on the back of them. You may even consider buying a new copy of xp, it's only between $89 - $100 bucks, $135 if you get professional. Last option, upgrade to vista, but only if your system is strong enough to support it. Hope this helps. Fly

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by rlyden In reply to Options

I've tried to use codes from a few different machines around here. None of them work because I started to put in one with SP2. None of the ones we have evidently have the SP2 in their set up. Getting a new copy isn't much of a fix because I can't cancel the install in progress. I already have a new, clean version with keycode, etc... but, I can't install it because I'm hung with the other install and the keycode specific for that disk.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to XP Pro SP2 Set up - Can't ...

On a legit installation of XP there should be a sticker on the case with the key.

If you can't find this key, and from your post you are trying to do a clean install, ie your HDD has been wiped, then run fdisk, format your HDD and restart the installation. This will destroy eveything on your HDD and allow you to start over.


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by rlyden In reply to sticker

I don't have the original cases. I always do a diskcopy plus copy to my harddrive so that I'm doubly sure to have it when needed. But, as I stated, I've moved and all my disks are packed away, with the exception of one diskcopy of my legitimate disk. I have that one, with the sticker code, but it won't let me cancel the prior set up so I'm stuck.

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