XP Pro Task Manager "Shut Down" Option Missing from Menu

By khadley ·
I searched the site (and but could not find a similar instance to this. After several problems with recent Microsoft updates, I had to run system restore on my two machines, both of which have XP Pro. I was working remotely on my laptop via RDP when I discovered I could no longer restart my desktop machine because the shut down option no longer appears in the menu at the top of task manager. I am suspecting a value in the regisrty was somehow changed. Anyone?

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just to clarify....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to XP Pro Task Manager "Shut ...

The Shut Down (Turn Off) option is not available in the Start menu either?

There are registry keys that may be involved as you suspected. Look here at Line 267:

Could be a permissions issue.
Worst case would be a virus.

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No. I am accessing via VPN so...

by khadley In reply to just to clarify....

When accessing via VPN and using RDP the only options in the start menu are "log off" and "disconnect". Using the task manager shut down(the submenu includes: standby,hibernate,turn off,restart,log off and switch user) from the menu at the top of the task manager was a trick I learned several years back in case I needed to restart a machine remotely after updating or running maintenance.

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Task Manager on XP Pro

by ombm In reply to No. I am accessing via VP ...

Have you found a fix for this? I too can not see the shutdown option in Task Manager on XP Pro.

Please advise.


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Try this

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Task Manager on XP Pro

Enabling Fast User Switching....Control Panel > User Accounts > Change the way users log on or off, causes the User & ShutDown tabs to be there....unchecking that box causes them to go away.

NOTE: The Use Fast User Switching check box is unavailable until you click to select the Use the Welcome screen check box.

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