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XP Pro Ugrade License question

By Starbury ·
I have a copy of Win XP Pro upgrade that I had initially installed on a test machine. This machine recently died, and rather than fix it, we decided to get a new one. I want to use the XP Pro upgrade to install it on another machine. Is this possible or am I stranded with a worthless copy of Win XP pro upgrade.

I will call microsoft but i wanted to get the heads up before i called
any info is appreciated

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Read the EULA!

by TheChas In reply to XP Pro Ugrade License que ...

Read over the EULA that came with your copy of XP.

Here is what I understand to be fully legitimate:

If you have the retail version of the XP upgrade, AND you upgraded a PC that had a full retail version of the prior OS, then yes you can move the license to a different PC.

If the original OS on the PC was an OEM version of Windows, you must move some of the old hardware over to the new PC.

If the XP upgrade is an OEM or academic version, you can repair the original PC as much as needed, but cannot move the OS to a totally different PC.

Now, on a practical basis, unless you activated XP on the old PC within the last 90 days, you should be able to activate it on different hardware.
Worst case, you will have to call Microsoft and get your activation code over the phone.
If the old PC died, or you assure them that you have remove XP from the old PC you should be alright.


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One minor correction

by johnsmith In reply to Read the EULA!

An OEM version of an OS cannot legally be moved to a different PC; moving some of the hardware to the target PC is not an allowed way around the restriction.

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Chas is quite correct as usual

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Read the EULA!

But if you are going to use his practical basis instead of saying that the copy of XP Pro has been totally removed from the other computer just say that you have had to repair the existing computer when you ring M$ for the activation key.

There are far fewer problems that way I can assure you.

OH by the way the EULA actually states that you can use XP Pro on 2 CPU's but this doesn't mean that you can use it on two different computers but only on a dual processor M'Board. I've seen a lot of people misunderstand that bit of the EULA.


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thanks for the replies

by Starbury In reply to Chas is quite correct as ...

i will call them today

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