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XP Pro updating before Welcome screen

By wizardofJ ·
I have a customer who turned his computer on this morning, and it went right into a screen that tells him to Do not turn off or restart your computer, Windows is updating. this has been going on for about 6 1/2 hours now - I'm thinking it is the SP2 going in , but why there? It didn't even get to the login to Windows point, so he is totally stuck --- any thoughts?

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by willcomp In reply to XP Pro updating before We ...

Such is not normal behavior for a downloaded update. I would shut off PC, reboot and see what happens. Nothing else to do at this point.


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to XP Pro updating before We ...

i have had this when installing SP2 and rebooted after the install. It does go through a long update process before the desktop appears. It should do this in 1/2 hour or so.

A reboot seems a likely option here though.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to XP Pro updating before We ...

I have updated several of our XP machines with SP2, and even when it has been previously downloaded by Automatic Updates, AU will only prompt for installation once an Administrator has logged on. It should not, as far as I am aware, install without a user's consent mainly because the EULA has to be acknowledged.

It may be downloading the SP - is your customer on a very s-l-o-w connection?

Good luck

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by sgt_shultz In reply to XP Pro updating before We ...

6.5 hours not bad for dial up connection and xp sp2. thanks bill
just let it run.
you can order the xp sp2 cd free from to avoid the download but i never received the two i ordered, both to separate addresses...

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by wizardofJ In reply to XP Pro updating before We ...

I figured out why it was doing this - it had downloaded the update, and he hit the shut down before it got to the install part - I did it on mine, and there was an additional message on the shut down button to "click here to continue to shut down" he must have hit that part, so it updates on power on instead.

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by wizardofJ In reply to XP Pro updating before We ...

Oh, and no thanks to Microsoft - there was NOTHING to explain this behavior on the website.
He did eventually restart his computer, and so far is working ok - he has "always on" internet, with 256k download, so that was not the problem.

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